My first real reset-

  • since actually trying this time around, I was so happy to get 11 days in. I haven’t gone so long in over 10 years. I always poop out after 3. And there was a pregnancy and 18 months of nursing in that time period. I’m not proud of that. (Even though I never “overdid” it, I was firmly in the “a glass of wine or 2 won’t hurt the baby” camp)
    I did what pretty much everyone does: boyfriend offered me a beer, just 1. It’‘s ok to just have 1, right? We ended up having a lovely night, honestly. I ended up drinking 2 and going to bed sober and optimistic. But the next morning I had to deal with my daughters’ dad and my stress shot through the roof when he told me he wanted equal custody (even though he’'s threatened this before) and I very quickly rationalized that since I was already off the wagon, to heck with it. And here I say, it was only a 6 pack (of 9%ers) and I know everything that’s wrong with how I dealt with the situation and I never want a hangover again… Reset. Reevaluate. Recommit.
    I’m so thankful for this app and this community.
    Here I go again.

It’s ok to fall down, as long as you get back up again! You can do this.

They told me on therapy “If you fell down. Think about this that it is just next step to keep fighting”


I like the “always fall forward” philosophy. If you can learn from the experience and use it to better your present, your future will take care of itself.

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