My friend is weird 😂

Ok so I just celebrated 2 years of sobriety august 8th… Iam doing good working full time and everything Iam supposed to do and I’m I’m living with a friend who was doing heroin she was only sniffing it and has been for like the last 6 years on and off. and she has quit before… and she was doing a good amount a gram atleast a day recently… and she just stopped after like 20 months of using… just quit out of no where barley took suboxone to get off either just tuffed it out and quit and is on her 4th day clean today… so I just wanted to make this post for her because I have NEVER just seen someone be able to quit like that I’m amazed and happy for her and just wanted to share that


That’s cool. But, 2 years is way fucking cooler! Is she wanting to quit for good? Has she a plan for support when shit gets tough?


Two years big milestone

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Thanks guys! Yes she is trying still doing good she isint having no cravings or anything it’s so weird I’ve just never seen someone do this before lol… but thank u yes biggest accomplishment of my life so far. Thank u for your support

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Congratulations on two years thats great! Some people can be casual drug users i guess thats like being a social drinker? Thats great shes cleaning up though, i was told that the withdrawls from heroin wouldnt kill me like the alcohol dts could, ever greater chance at ODn though now days, equally tough vices to deal with.

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