My journey so far - kinda boring but still proud of me

I’m a week and a half away from 4 months, no alcohol. My new years resolution was to not drink for a year. With this pandemic and being self isolated with my husband, his mom (who both drink every night) and our kids, it’s really been a testament for me to really follow through. Everytime the little devil on my shoulder tries to tempt me, I just remember when I quit smoking 3 years ago. It was really hard at first and avoided anyone that smoked and after a while, maybe about a year and a half, i was ok around smokers and not wanting a cigarette. So that’s what keep me going, that hope that in a year, the temptation wont be so bad. Plus, I enjoy not waking up tired and having more energy. I have an advantage that I never drank to the point where I was really drunk but I did drink every day to the point that I knew I shouldn’t drive. My kids have noticed that I’m not drinking (I never made a big deal out of it and I dont bring it up, I just drink my lemon water instead of my dam adams) and I think they are proud of me and that is another reason I have kept my resolution. My main goal is to lose the weight I gained and have a better relationship with myself. I am down 20 pounds and I’m at 108 days. Go me!


Congrts Jewels on almost 4 months. Thats a very big accomplishment keep it going you deserve it and yes it does get boring from time to time I have to admit but it also feels better being sober. I am in the process of finding a new hobby so I can stay busy. Take care,stay safe and sober. Being proud of yourself makes being sober that much better.

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Good for you Julie!