My journey so far


One month and 30 min sober. Just got back from my monday night AA meeting. Im a member now. People are great. Made it through st patricks day haha. Im energetic. Happy. More productive. Overall better in every area. Just need to remember how good i feel. Keep reminding myself. Keep going to meetings and stay sober!


That’s great! Keep pushing forward and don’t look back. You’ve got this!


Keep it up!


Way to go man! Congrats! 30 days is a great milestone.

I remember last month you were going to a wedding like in your first few days, I’m glad you made it to 30 days. Here’s to looking at one more day!


Nice work Broady! Keep stringing ‘em together!


Yessir! Keep trudging, we’re making it together.


Keep going that direction! You are doing great! :facepunch:


That’s it right there. Well done on your month my friend.
Mindset is the most important thing. If you keep telling yourself, you will start to believe it.
Well done!