My life is about to change drastically

Im approaching 10 days of sobriety and over the last week and a half I have made decisions that will affect my life greatly. I am moving into a sober living house on Monday that is 75 miles away from my home, and honestly, I’m nervous as hell. I feel so lonely. I’m craving a drink so bad. I know that if I act on my craving, pandoras box will open up all over again and that scares the hell out of me. I need help. I’m positive about working the program this time, but right now is so rough. Does anyone have any advice?


I am so pumped that you are taking the first few steps and are going to live in a sober home. Surrounding yourself with others that have the same mindset is extremely important! Wish you luck man


I went through a supportive living program which is very similar to a sober living house. It had some drawbacks but all in all it was one of the best things I ever did for myself.


Robert, I am a resident manager here at a sober living facility in Northern California. Rest assured you are doing right for yourself by moving in to a clean and sober lliving environment. You will have the support and structure that many of us needed to begin life a new, clean and sober. We are all proud of you for taking that step of embracing a program of sobriety. Take it easy on yourself my friend. Be patient, and kind to yourself. I promise life does get better clean and sober. Sometimes slowly at first. It’s important for you to stay in the here-and-now. Focus on one day at a time, even one hour at a time, It might take at times one breath at a time to stay clean and sober but I know this is something that you want and can do in your life. Again I promise life will get better if you’re willing… Congratulations Robert, remember to be kind to yourself today and God bless.


Thank you for the words of encouragement. Reading through alot of these posts has helped alot.