My life story

Well where do I start I am 29 years old and got a young daughter and a lovely fiancé and lost it all because of drink she gave me one chance before to stop and I didn’t learn my lesson I have now hit rock bottom to realize I have been sobor for 29 days staying strong for my daughter sake been going to Therapy just need to not drink again and stay on corse want to get my life back on track not allowed too see my daughter or my fiance as on bail Which is killing me


congrats on 29 days. Its awesome! Maybe you could go pick up a 30 day coin at a meeting tomorrow.

Meetings help me.


Keep doing the right thing, Adam. Things have a way of falling into place when you do, my friend. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

It’s really hard ATM for me I’m not like an acholic but bindge drink I hope your right that things will fall into place for the both of us

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Thank you Jason what meeting are they ?

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AA meetings. They celebrate milestones of continuous sobriety. They make 30 day coins. Even if you dont identify as an alcoholic. Support and recognition for staying sober helps.

Many of us started as binge drinkers.


Yeah I go to see a therapist every Thursday she is really good she digs in my head with all my roots she doing me the world of good

It’s really emotional for me when I go