My new addiction

FIERY ginger beer…and the Tesco brand is only 1cal a can!!!


ooo - must try that!
This is mine!


Interesting! So like spicy ginger beer?

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Tesco think it is…they’ve obviously no concept of what spicy is @louwho :joy: but it tastes very gigery so hits the spot :blush:


Thanks @Lncy I have to look for this. I enjoy ginger beer.

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Oh man, I NEED this in the US.

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@JohnSee there’s a Jamaican brand that’s nicer…but way higher on calories. Probably why itI tastes a bit better :wink:

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I have about a million cups of herbal tea on my sore days. I’m a tea person!
Those ginger drinks look yummy

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They are good. I tried tea but the taste wasn’t strong enough for me. I need something that really zings :blush: