My new journey in Recovery Dharma

from “Recovery Dharma: How to Use Buddhist Practices and Principles to Heal the Suffering of Addiction” by Recovery Dharma -

“and if we’re aware of the true intention and the nature of our actions, then we’ll see better results—better meaning less suffering and less harm.”

Settinf in this tonight, as it stuck out.


For me it was the lovingkindness meditation we did last night. The one from the book, we’ve done it plenty of times before.

We start by offering lovingkindness to ourselves, “because without loving ourselves it is almost impossible to love others.” This part in particular stood out for me last night: “Feelings contrary to lovingkindness, like irritation, anger, or doubt, may come up for you. If this happens, be patient with yourself, allowing whatever happens to be received in a spirit of kindness….”

There were a couple really hard days last week, combined with the sadness of my neighbour (whom I’d only met, but still) dying of an overdose. I didn’t like any of it, any of the feelings. I could hardly even name them. Started to tell myself my old mantra of “I suck at life.” I have longggg practiced judging my feelings and then numbing them.

But sitting in them, without giving over to them or running from them or judging - just letting them come and then go. With kindness, even! Who knew?

Makes sense though that I can’t do it for others if I can’t do it for myself. I think this is one of the beauties of recovery. We do it together, we bear witness to this process in each other. Grateful. :orange_heart:


This is exactly why I’m trying recovery dharma :raised_hands:t3::two_hearts:


I have been trying for ages to do a online meeting on zoom and nothing, not sure if its them or me.

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I have always had troublecwith zooms…i assume its me.

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Yeah i am starting to think it is me

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Maybe find the zoome thread andcask those folks some questions? I am lucky i got a few meetings around me.


Will do thanks

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Just thought you might want to check out this thread.

Gosh I’ve just had a truly meaningful recovery dharma meeting; very deep meditation (I am tired today and almost nodded off at points but it helped to keep me focused on the meditation!) I shared very carefully from my true self to the sangha. I have struggled for two decades to share in meetings because I haven’t understood my emotions so I just didn’t know what was correct to share. With recovery dharma and daily practise for the last 4 days has been deeply moving. Emotional and allowing those emotions to pass through.

I am going to be very careful and compassionate to myself ( I understand what this means now!) the rest of the evening, and slowly proceed my journey :raised_hands:t3::heart::raised_hands:t3::pray::heart::raised_hands:t3::heart::pray::raised_hands:t3:

So glad to be here :person_in_lotus_position:


I am glad you found us and the meeting!