My new meaning of 'prayer'

Straight from the top, I don’t mean to offend anyone’s spiritual practice. Just a thought as I rediscover and try to understand my own.

In working recovery, I’m getting reacquainted with “something bigger than me.” I was raised Catholic and always had this simplistic notion that praying was sitting and talking to some dude in the sky. Now I don’t think I ever fully got it.

Cuz I’ve always been a more secularly spiritual kinda guy, never confirmed into the family faith. At my best I practice various forms of meditation and read about other faiths and beliefs. And there was some kind of disconnect there.

Now I wonder, what am I really doing when I pray? I used to roll my eyes at the response, “Thoughts and prayers are with you.” Like… c’mon! What does that even mean?! What does that do for anyone?

Then I heard it said in the rooms, “Prayer is asking the question, meditation is listening for the answer.” I believed in meditation but didn’t get prayer. But maybe praying is more about trying to better sympathize/empathize with the world around us and appealing to the unknown.

So now I think an offer of prayer is, for me, a statement I will devote some time to trying to understand how to better support you even if right now I’m at a loss. An admission I don’t know what’s next, and that’s okay. And maybe in just trying to do that, just asking the question to something bigger, maybe we will discover more peace in some way I can’t yet imagine.

Anyway… it does help me not drink. Admitting when I don’t know it all when I so desperately want to exhaust myself constantly thinking I do.


Recovering Catholic here.
I’m finding prayer to be just being alone with God. Maybe giving prayers. Or asking for. Or being thankful. Or just being quiet and letting God do her/his thing in my life.
Definitely no dude in the sky for me. But I do look up and :pray:t2: :thinking:


I was brought up non religious, but attended many different churches with friends as I grew up. I found it interesting and was always curious about religion and spirituality. Fast forward 20 years and I absolutely found spirituality even in the depths of my meth addiction and I truly believe that is why I am still alive. Strangely enough that left me once I started drinking, the booze shut my spirit down completely. So now being sober has brought a whole new spin to prayer and meditation. Prayer for me gives me space, a moment of silence, a chance to breathe. I find myself praying a lot some days, for guidance, for relief from pain, and for other people. I do not belive in “God” per say but I definitely belive that prayer is beneficial in recovery. However you do it and whatever/whoever you are doing it to. I have learned in the last 8 months to listen even to the quietest of voices for the answers… sometimes it can be so subtle its missed if your mind is busy elsewhere.


I’ve been viewing prayers as really detailed mantras. Saying them over and over should plant the seeds in my brain to grow a better future.

I never really did get the whole “dear God, it’s me Susie” kind of praying. I’ve only ever recited set specific prayers. Mine have just changed from Our Father to God grant me the serenity. (Though I might still recite Our Fathet too…)


Yeah, I can vibe with the mantra take. Serenity prayer is probably the greatest catch all. :+1:

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Do what every keeps you on track keep on trucking


I think this is a helpful way of looking at it for the non-religious. I also struggle to ‘pray’, I can think purposefully about recovery, etc, but not pray. I also struggle with ‘God has a plan’ ‘hand over control to God’. I have to think of it as the Great OutDoors, or Group Of Drunks.

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