My no PMO journey


I will use this topic as a daily journal for my porn addiction. It looks like I can’t do this by myself, this forum helped a lot with my cigarette addiction (1 year and 2 months clean) and I’m hoping that it will be the same with this horrible habit.
I tried to get this demon off my back, and I went 2 months without no PMO several times last year. It was a huge progress and I wanna thank the no PMO group for their help.

So yeah here I am again. Ready for a new journey.

This time with Jesus on my side.

Feel free to comment if you want to.



Keeping myself busy with my gym workouts, reading the Scriptures and work.
I’m currently in my night shift at work.

I’m doing this, step by step. Feeling better already.


Day 2

Still here.
My life is kinda messed up now, my family keeps arguing, everybody around me seems stressed out because of the lockdowns.
Friends keep calling me to go out and get a drink.
In times like these I usually relapse.

It ain’t easy but I’ll go through it. I know that the longer I go without watching porn my brain actually “rewires”.

The mental struggle is real.


Day 4

I’ve made some stupid decisions in the past 2 days but by God’s will I’m still going.
My battle is a mental one. Its like I have something working against me within.
All I have to do is to resist the temptations, not give into thoughts or emotions. Its all in my imagination.

Giving up smoking was actually way easier than this.

I have mixed feelings about me going on but time will tell.
God bless y’all.

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Currently at work. My mind is kinda foggy but I’m glad that progress is being made.
No longer getting dopamine boosts from porn and my brain wwonderswhats wrong.
Each day without PMO is a conquered day for me.

Slowly but surely.
It gets more difficult each day but I am confident that God will give me strenght through this.
I am willing to change. I want to get rid of this horrible addiction that messed up my life since I was 14.

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Keep going…
Well done on a week

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Thanks. Switching my focus on good habits seems to be working for now.

The last 3 days were rough. Its like my mind is working against me.
I don’t think I would have made it without prayer and bible study.

Don’t know if I can do this but time will tell…


@Petri Ah yeah, no PMO, i heard about. A question, do you do the hard mode? Thats very tough…

A question, why do you do this? I mean, if you are porn addict, is it not better just to stop watching porn and learning to go back to a normal sexuality? No PMO means a sexfree life and this is against our nature. Sex is love, intimacy and life. Its a basic need like drinking, eating or sleeping.

Just my two cents. All the best for your recovery.

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Yeah I practice hardmode. I like to be extreme. That’s the way I like to do things.

At the moment I don’t have a girlfriend nor do I engage in casual sex nights so I figured… why not go the full hardmode.

But not watching porn is my number one priority.


Yo that’s a really offensive thing to say to him. What’s in your nature might not be in his. Don’t minimize his addiction based on your ignorance.

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Ok. But what is your target?

But, simple question: Would you like to have a girlfriend?

Perfect and a very good decision. A men shouldn’t watch other men how they f***women. We should do this ourself😉

I think Petri can talk for himself. So please, don’t disturb our conversation. Thanks

Nah it’s cool. I know that what I practice isn’t exactly the norm.

Well…my target is to give up porn for good.

And to answer your girlfriend question: I am way too busy with work, working extra hours, gym workouts, drivers license, all that. Way too busy for a meaningful relationship.
BUT if I will meet a girl that I like in the future, sure…why not?

And btw: He liked my posting. And i know that porn addiction is the new shit of our century, with massive problems for those who are addicted to (i read some articles two years ago after our argument about this topic, maybe you remember). I don’t minimize this. I just try to help him.

And about the nature thing: Ok, there are humans who are asexual. But a Porn addict is definitley not…

Thats a very good idea.

If you throw out porn of your life, the topic girlfriend will be soon on your agenda, believe me. Your sexdrive will do this for you, because: You will not have those fantasy women on your screen any longer. That will motivate you to get active😄But yeah, step by step. First: Throwing away the porn.

Btw Funfact: Did you know that NoFap increase your testosterone level, so that you become more attractive to women? The highest level is after 7 days, then it slowly decreases. Sex also increases the level, Fapping and most of all, Fapping to porn decreases the testosterone level. Maybe this information helps you too. Good luck👍

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Yeah porn ruined my mind for a long time in my life.
Already feeling a lot better.

Thanks for the info. :muscle:

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That’s usually not the goal for an addict. It can be really difficult to create a healthy relation with sexuality, it’s not about being active, but learning intimacy, etc. You’re trivializing it.

That’s utterly ignorant to say, you’re being a jerk.

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Actually, Petri is doing no PMO which means: No Sex, no Masturbation, No Orgasms. Creating a healthy sexuality by living like a monk? How will that work?

No its the truth, and you know it if you be honest. .