My road to staying sobriety

I have went to rehab and completed and also went to a after recover program to stay clean which they help u witj advice and information on how to stay clean and i completed that also well and was clean fout 4 months last year but since December of last year everything included my happy have went down hill and been off beacuse of relationships with family members and boyfriend and not on top of that work and etc im also dealing with dcf to get my son back in my care cuz that the only thing that make me happy and forget about every problem when i see my son i have try to stay busy and not stress my self out but that seem like impossible to do not matter how much i try thing thay going in my life seem impossible to achieve now it so much i have on my chest i feel screaming and on top of that i take medication for depression and anxiety smh i just want to cry and ball up so bad smh no one truly understand ehat im going thou or expressing or trying to achieve but God im so lost and hurting so bad inside


After you left rehab, what recovery plan did they give you to maintain your sobriety? Are you following through on the plan? What are you doing now to get back to sobriety?

Welcome to this community. Lots of support here.

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N’abandonne pas.
Fait de ce jour une étape, un défi.
Inutile de se préoccuper de demain, il sera bien de s’en préoccuper demain
Un jour Ă  la fois :point_up_2:

Welcome Symone,
You did 4 months clean, so you can do it again. Do you have a sober community where you live? Attend meetings helped me a lot in early sobriety. Learn from others to live life on life’s terms. We are all here to help and support each other. We cannot do it alone.

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Bless your heart, Monique. Ball up and cry if you need to. Let your feelings out. It’s hard but your body and mind needs to feel to recover. Sounds like you have found success and hope in the past. Take care of yourself one day at a time - focus on you and what makes you feel comfortable and safe - and things WILL improve.

I can relate to being in a dark spot in life right now. So know you are not alone. This community is really wonderful and supportive. Just let us know when you need support, like you did here.

Best wishes

After my rehab program I also relapsed but the second time I did stick with it longer because I done my daily meetings and had a structured plan and sponsor which I trusted and connected with, try get someone you connect with that’s been at rehab in the past and get a plan together and STICK to the daily meetings in person or online it’s the key to keeping sober and prevents the curl up in a ball effect which we have all been there, don’t give up keep trying you will get there :heart_hands:

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