My Sober Mind is Angry -can't deal

Ending my 3rd day sober.

I know now why I drank - I was taking the cowardly easy way out of facing my reality, now that I’m sobering up my mind is none stop. I’m thinking about the people that have used, failed and hurt me in my past and I’m getting angry. It’s funny because most of those people that left me in a second when things got hard are happy now, engaged or married, or at least they look happy, maybe they’re settling and pretending, who he hell knows but it’s making me angry. Why am I still giving my energy to them. This is what I was afraid of. When I drank I thought about nothing, but when I drank I ejected my brain, spent hours upon hours watching stupid TV. I like the sober me. I’m smart, logical, witty, but what is this anger that I’m having trouble controlling, why can’t I get out of my damn past.


Thank you Bill, I just hate when my mind is over active and it prevents me from functioning normally and sleeping. But, when I was always hung over, I was hardly functioning anyway.


Thank you so much. I spent all day at the beach, the waves were so strong they wiped me out, I drove home falling asleep longing for my bed. Came home, took a nap, had a horrible dream, and now I’m half awake watching athlete competitions. I think for my 4th day I’ll spend at my pool, I want to start excercising, I know the last time I quit drinking I got addicted to the gym but I was young then and also wasn’t completely sober as I replaced the alcohol with something more natural if you know what I mean. :roll_eyes: this time around, in order for me to be completely sober as I want I think I’m going to have to come up with more tricks and activities. Sorry I rambled.


What is a relapse plan?

I think you sounded your emotional process while drinking. But feelings don’t go away, so you’re processing them now!

It’s great that the sober you is logical and smart etc. I’m sure you’ll make sense and peace with it all sooner than later.

Myself, I found it easier to take as much responsibility for myself as possible. Tried to figure out why I repeatedly put myself in those situations with those people etc.

I found it helpful in moving forward and avoiding the same mistakes in the future.

Congrats on your sobriety😊there’s always lots of work to do but so much to look forward to.


Thank you and I know exactly why I made those mistakes, I had no self love and so self respect and the drink made me careless in life. That’s changing. No more.


Omg. I cannot thank you enough for this. Thank you!!!

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Yup I feel ya on that :blush: good news is that reality check can keep you sober.