My Spiritual Sobriety Journey

Hey there.

I have made a final decision. Tomorrow is Day One of Sobriety for me.

I’ve been trying to stay sober for months now, but only managing 48hrs most times. More recently, I managed a 6 day streak, but Friday night came around and with it came the impulsivity and compulsion to use.

I use in secret, no one knows except other addicts on here and those that I’ve met at my first two NA meetings.

My various addictions have served me since I was a young child, I am closing this huge chapter now, and stepping into sobriety. It’s a new month tomorrow, and a new day.

I did an online meeting tonight, they are miracles in themselves and they always make me feel like this really is what is meant for me and I am ready now.

So I’ve created this topic for me to use as a bit of a journal. I’ve got physical journals too but would rather not carry them around with me incase anyone ever goes in my bag. So this will be back up for when I’m not at home.

I really feel like this is it now, I’m so connected to my Higher Power at the moment, it’s really hard to put into words but it’s just really showing me it’s got my back.

I read on here for many hours a day, and there is so much information & support, it’s amazing. So thank you all for being here :raised_hands:t2::blue_heart:


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A good choice for you! Well done on the choosing, now do you have a plan to resist the niggling cravings and the long winter nights? Check in here often, there’s some Aussies on board who have summer long days on their side. Stay in touch with your Higher Power, and stay strong! The new year will be better for it!

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Good job! My 1st day was Thanksgiving, so i am 3 days in. If i didnt, i would be dead or back in jail, im 40, time to grow up. Im determined, its fucking hard, no lie, ive beem in bed in my sweatpants since wednesday night. Keep us posted on your progress, you inspire me, we all inspire each other, trust me.


Do you have a plan to help stay sober?

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Meetings, this app, my family supporting me. My parents dont drink so i moved in with them. Eating lots of sweets, i swear, the last three days i pigged out.


Same here with meetings and here; how’re meetings out there?


Here in L.A., theyre okay…i hate meetings, im not a meetings guy…its depressing. It all happened when my lady ended our 9 year relationship because i changed, we are both alcoholics, and she said i changed, which i did, i wanted a change, so dealing with sobriety, depression and utter heartbreak. Oh well.

Hate meetings already? Hopefully you’ll find one that isn’t depressing. No one likes it at the beginning. Good luck.


Saw this earlier and immediately my mind’s connected it to Sobriety :blush::muscle:t2:


Amazing! You’ll see the longer your sober the more spiritual you’ll feel. You’ll feel everything around you so deeply in a good way. My days have become more solitary but deeply enriching. Immersing in books, meditation, writing, self care, nature. A big part is embracing the dark side of yourself and loving flaws and all… and letting it go. It’s not easy, it’s hard work. But so fulfilling. Keep up the strength and good work.! Wake up daily and start off by thanking YOURSELF and thinking about what you’re grateful for. The little motivations help. You got this!


Welcome Tyler I can tell that you are going to do well just from your two days spent reading on here, there are so many struggling people on here who do not use this place fully.
How are you doing today bud? :+1::slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi Tyler how is it going today? Stay strong!

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I’ve been sober since mid August. The pigging out has not ended yet. -.-" my bf has commented on it when he didn’t use to comment on the fast rotation of wine bottles in the fridge… Life is funny!

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Ive been pigging out non stop, like i have a tapeworm. But in my 5th day of sobriety, so it feels okay. Still havent gone to any meetings.

Are you willing to go to some meetings if the need arises m8?

Im willing. Ive been to so many court ordered meetings. Just not my thing, but maybe i havent found the right one? I dunno. I see a therapist though, I work out, and I do art paintings and stuff, that seems to be therapy, but are meetings a must? Im quiet and shy and introverted as it is.

Maybe the difference is the your were court ordered to be there before and this time you actuator want to be and acknowledge the need to be sober. This thing is only possible when we want it not when we are forced in to it. Best of luck. :+1::+1::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

Absolutely, its an awakening and enlightenment to WANT to be sober. Its a journey it seems like, not a destination. Theres a meeting by my house on Thursdays i might go to.
What about rehab, is it okay to get sober without going to rehab like all the celebrities do? I want to do rehab, just to get the tools i need for this journey.

Course it’s okay, I’ve never been to rehab, you can learn a lot of the tools from searching on here. If I had the chance to then I would have gone though but it’s very expensive here in the UK. :+1::slightly_smiling_face: