My story I guess lol

I’m a 30 yr old women and had my first ever drink when I was 26 years old ( a late start to some). It was some nasty tequila my coworker pushed me to try and I never drank before so I thought I’d give it a try. From then on I drank literally everything single day, I would go through bottles every other day. I would constantly go to work hungover and would go on my break and drink. I remember one day I passed out in my work bathroom and tried to get in the trunk of my friends car when she picked me up. I went from going through bottles every other day to handles every other day. I was losing friends because I would argue with them when I got drunk. Only one person has stuck around through it all and I’m so happy he’s in my life. I kind of want to get sober not only for me and my happiness but I want him to be proud of me. He’s like my little brother and he’s seen me at my worst and he deserves to see me at my best. I’m at 51 days so far and I’ve never felt better, it was hard at first, I would get tons of cravings. Now the thought of alcohol makes me sick. I’ve lost a few pounds and my skin is so much more clear and brighter. I hope I can get to 6 months and more.
Thank y’all for listening :slight_smile:


Congrats on your progress, you’re doing fantastic. Thanks for sharing your story. Keep with it & remind yourself of all the positive effects you’re experiencing.

Totally feeling this, I’m two months sober and just the thought of drinking again makes me feel sick.


Accept you can’t drink alcohol again,
Accept you are powerless over alcohol

And know your life is worth more than an empty bottle x

Well done for 51 days, make connections with people in sobriety…
And be kind to yourself x


Thank you so much for sharing your story. There are so many benefits to not drinking. Welcome here!


Well done on fifty one days! That is a decent chunk of time. Whether we start early or late, descend fast or slow, alcohol is the same poison. Keep us posted on ur progress!


Great job on staying sober, just take it easy one day at a time! Its great when we get to the point when just the thought or smell of alcohol makes us sic the desire to consume it leaves where on our way with our recovery.:grinning::+1:

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Update it’s been almost 4 months since my last drink and honestly I’ve never felt better. I’ve lost about 20 lbs, my skin is so much brighter and overall I just feel happier. Resisting is so much easier now and when people ask me if I want a drink , I don’t any urge to say yes. I’ve been mending my relationships with my friends and family, some have been resistant and I completely understand. The guy who really opened my eyes to my drinking problem is still in my life (thankfully), he even made me a cake for my 60 day sober.


This is so great! Congratulations and great job, keep up all the hard work :muscle: :+1: