My story.. so far

46, from Denmark.
I’m Liza, and I’m an alcoholic.

Bottom line, I was a drunk, a bottle of vodka a day, was a good day, no one around me knew.

“Luckily”, last summer, I got sick, the first sign of my nerve illness showed its ugly face, it started with me throwing up… couldn’t keep anything down, (offcourse I tried to drink amyways), was admitted to find out the reason, had nothing to do with me drinking said the Doctors.(had to tell them)
So I went through withdrawal, on top up being very sick, was in the hospital for almost 4 weeks, withdrawal was a wake-up call for me, cause “I wasn’t a drunk”, not in my own head, just having a “few” drinks… Alone… at night… shh no-one could know, HOW COULDN’T I se it…?

Well anyways, I got sober, but had to stay in hospital, because they couldn’t explain why i was throwing up. (Took them almost 6 months) After almost 4 weeks i could go home without any answers but reffered to neurological team.

Well I’m home, sober and now the struggle began, because I’m home, luckily, while in hospital, I came out to my mom, telling her the truth, so she went to my house, removed bottles, emptying all drawers, cupboards and other hiding places, I had told her about… so the house was alcohol free, as I got home.

I have made it on my own till now, only relying on n my own guilty conscience and love for my children.

I’m on 913 days and still going strong.

Btw, love todays message from Sober Time


Wow congratulations on your 913 days and thank you so much for sharing. What a journey you’ve been on! You’ve done it on your own up until now and that’s amazing-they say the easy part is to stop but staying stopped is the hard part. And that’s where support comes in… you’ll find a huge amount of support here :slight_smile: have you been interested in doing any programs aswell?

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Has been considering joining AA, but as s single mom, time doesn’t come easy.

I have been looking around in here, and all the stories from others, sure does make my journey easier.

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Yes this forum is fantastic, lots of awesome people who don’t make you feel alone!
I’m in the same boat - single mum of 4 - can make meetings tricky!
With all the self isolating/social distancing in place most meetings have moved online temporarily.
I’ll give a link for one that runs 24/7 via ZOOM incase you want to check it out. You can block your audio/camera if you feel more comfortable just sitting in listening to begin with.

Happy to see you here Liza, and welcome to the forum! You must be an incredibly strong woman, making it to 913 days sober all on your own. While being a single mum too. For me this place has been the difference between failure and success I am sure. Alone it’s too much (for me and most anyways). Together it is so much more doable. I’ve learned so much here and have gotten so much support. And try to give some back in return, which is motivating and helpful in itself. I hope to see more of you here, welcome again, and success on your continuing journey.

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I don’t feel like joining a non danish forum like that, I’m pretty good at writing english, but talking and sharing is so much better done, in ones own language.
Bur thank you for thinking of me.


Thank you, my kids make me strong. Really don’t know how I came to become a alcoholic, my dad was, and I had always promised not to. But well… can’t do anything about the past, but can try, to be a better person in thr the future.


Which is done today right! One day at a time . Over here in the Netherlands AA/NA do a lot of meetings online in Dutch now. It’s not quite my thing, but I know it’s helping a lot of addicts stay sober and clean. They must have these online meetings in Denmark too.

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Congrats on 913 days, that’s a long time. Keep it going. What a beautiful message, I agree with you 1000%. I have said this before, that is how bad you want to change if you really want to change you can and it is up to you. I got a heated message one time for saying something like this, the person didn’t like it but I am a true believer that everyone has it in them to change they just don’t want it bad enough to actually change. So what happens they put in their head that maybe they can change and go at half-ass and guess what 1 month later oh I relapse. If you put in 100% and say I want to change you probably will, great message keep it going.

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Yes they do, but as a single mom, time to participate in these online meetings, oftens comes up short.

Exactly, i saw it with my dad, time and time again. He wasn’t a drunk, he could stop any day, but took him a long time to get sober, only when he admitted to having a problem, then he got sober. And was so until his death
And even so, i saw him destroy himself and the people around him, abd still I started on my own, difference, I said I could, much earlier than him.

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