My uncle died

so my uncle died. don’t know how i feel. we knew he was going to die, and i wasn’t that close with him. im not feeling anything right now quite honestly. there are two more people in my family about to die too, my aunts 2-year death is coming up, and i’ve been surrounded by family members dying since i was born, so im kind of just numb to it now.


My condoleances.

I’m sorry for your loss, you may not have been all that close but I suspect that you are likely to have had some sort of a bond. Allow yourself to grieve as holding this kind of thing in can seriously derail sobriety attempts. :+1::slightly_smiling_face:

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Very sorry for your loss. Stay vigilant.

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I would suggest bereavement books or counciling, grief is fine but if not dealt with correctly can develop into depression. My Mrs have never come to terms with her mum and brother dying, don’t ignore how you feel and hope it goes away. Even talking on here is a release. Thinking of you.

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So sorry for your loss. If you need to chat you can always message me if needed

I’m sorry to hear this. My uncle passed away last Saturday, 3/14. Same situation, we knew it was coming, and had been for a long time. We weren’t close, which is just how my family has gotten as we’ve all gotten older, and the distance accelerated rapidly after my grandparents passed.

I can totally relate to the numbness, as the death of family and friends is something I’ve sadly grown accustomed to over the years.

Keep your head up.