My weight is out of control


Being on vacation has made me realize how heavy and out of shape I’ve gotten. I’ve used my sobriety as an excuse (I allowed myself diet freedoms as long as I stayed sober). Well, it’s been 3.5 months. Enough is enough. When I get home things need to change.

But I fear going too far too fast and then fizzling our. I need to ease into this and make it new habits.

Any suggestions?


I’ve dropped almost 30 lbs doing keto. It’s been less than 2 months. I’ve never done any type of diet before but I’m kinda digging this one.


I too realized I packed on the pounds. For the past couple of weeks I have really been doing my own little program. I have a protein shake for breakfast, a healthy snack a couple hours later (Apple, etc.), a healthy lunch and a health dinner. Sometimes breakfast and lunch are both protein shakes.

I also started doing yoga. I do it right in my own house off of YouTube. Then when I’m done with that I hop on my stationary bike and do about 30 minutes (need to up it to about an hour soon), and then I do some free weights for my arms.

There is no rhyme or rhythm to this. I basically just do what I feel I can do and this is what I came up with. I’m also up for any new suggestions so I will definitely be bookmarking this thread, lol! I hope this helped a tad😊


I tried Keto in the fall and it was just impossible vegan. All the sources of protein and fat had too much carbs. I was eating fat bombs all the time and still couldn’t get the right ratio of macros. I tried sooo hard.


Thank you…


How much do you feel you need to lose to be at a healthy weight?


I didn’t really add any weight, but I didn’t lose any either …well, 5 lbs, I was a good 50 lbs over what my weight should be. I work out and am physically active, but the sugar, carbs and menopause were kicking my ass. I started keto in October to try to drop some weight and especially to kick the sugar addiction. I have lost 17 lbs so far and a LOT of inches and feel way better. Plus, no sugar which is awesome.

I would highly suggest starting a walking routine if you aren’t yet doing that. It is SO good for you mentally, physically and emotionally.

As for eating, ditch the wheat, stick to real food, not processed or from a box. No added sugar. Eat lots of fruits and veggies and whatever proteins you like. If you ditch sugar and wheat and processed, you should drop some.


I like it too. I am a little bored with it right now, need more veggies and missing fruit. But I think it is my mindless snacking habit trying to nail me again.

I especially like the energy it gives me and the ability to IF without hunger .


It’s the first piece of cake that does the damage :wink:

Seriously though just ease yourself into it, a day at a time. Basic changes in diet at first so it doesn’t feel like another major change in your life. Drink plenty of water, walk more, swap white carbs for brown carbs and eat more fruit. Just always remember your sobriety comes first. I’ve been guilty in the past of over looking my real issues to gain superficially in the gym. Keep it simple.


At least 10…15 is good…20 is my dream. Actually 25 is dream but I’m trying to be reasonable. I’m not 25 anymore…weighing 115 is probably not physically possible. LOL


I cut out sugar as it’s not good for mental health and that helps a lot! I also try an work out everyday, even if it’s only 20mins! A great app i use is Aaptiv! Do many options! Even yoga and meditation.


Yes! Yes and Yes!


Man I done tolt you. It’s magic how easy it is and can work.


I found that the only macro that mattered on keto was carbs. Stay >25 a day and your set.


I don’t IF as strictly anymore and miss snacks too. Enlightened ice cream is a decent options. Same with pepperoni and block cheese. I also enjoy green veggies so that really helps the diet for me. I made keto pizza crust the other day. Surprisingly good


Don’t focus as much on the weight as you do on the healthy choices. It’s difficult to provide specific advice without firsthand knowledge of your conditioning, but I’ll take a stab at it. I lost 30lbs last year just by being consistent with training, eating semi-healthy and micro-fasting.

Let’s start with activity…what do you like to do? Do you (or have you) run, cycle, mountain bike, etc. or are you more into gym workouts? Whatever it is, start out easy if you haven’t been active for a while. I went from barely running a mile last year to competing in 28K mountain runs. But that doesn’t happen over night - there’s plenty of resources online if you want to start from zero and work up. I’m also a huge advocate for training with a goal…I got involved in Spartan races last year and it gave me a focus for my training. Whatever it is that interests you, you have a higher chance of maintaining it if you have a goal on the horizon and you enjoy doing it. Use a fitness tracker like Fitbit or Garmin and an online tracker like Strava…tracking helps me tremendously.

As for eating…I’m no dietician, so I will leave that one alone…other than plenty of lean protein and vegetables, lots of water and some cheat food.

Micro-fasting…I TRY not to eat after 6pm or before 10 am on any given day. I allow myself coffee in the am when I get up, but I don’t drink any sweetened drinks…except of course the big alcohol elephant in the room which I had way too much of until this week. There’s lots of good data on fasting and I’ve seen results in the scale over time.

Since I came back to the scale topic, I will end here. I weigh myself every morning to track where I’m at. But so many factors influence our weight that it is only a guideline for me. Focus on being healthy and active and the weight will regulate to where you want it to be.

Check out the working on working out thread if you haven’t already.


I looked at the Enlightened ice cream today but if I recall it had sugar of some sort in it, so I passed. I am looking to find Rebel …it is keto friendly.


I started 18/6 intermittent fasting to break through a weight loss plateau. Works for me. I also try to eat single ingredient whole foods.


Do you train fasted? I was doing a 6 pm - 10 am…but have tried a 6-Noon before and just felt wiped with my training sessions. Not sure if I just wasn’t getting enough calories or if my timing was off.


Yes. I train from 0500-0630, and from 1800-1900. My eating window is 1000-1600.

The thing is intermittent fasting enables me to eat enough carbs that I don’t gas out as my glycogen stores are full for both workouts.