My weight is out of control


It’s got erytrithol. Which is fine on keto bc it doesn’t trigger an insulin response. Rebel is better I’ve heard


I’m following this thread. I have lost 20 lbs pretty quickly, just eliminating alcohol and paying more attention to hunger cues. I used to snack so much. Emotional eater, and would also snack a lot when I was drinking. I cut that all out and treat it as simply as eat when I’m hungry, stop when I am full. I have noticed the portion I require to satisfy my hunger is much smaller now. Less rules than a “diet” and can’t get much more straight-forward.

I struggled with an eating disorder years ago and have always had issues with food. I am sure discipline is part of it, but I have never had an easier time with it until now. I am just looking at it in a more simple way, maybe?

I also find it extremely difficult to keep active in the winter. Hiking is my almost daily exercise in the other seasons. Would love to get cardio up enough to run to get in shape, abd have been reading some things on here… but for some reason feel so intimidated… the same thing with gyms, public pools, etc.

#23 I have found this to be very helpful.


Me too I gained 20 lbs in the six months sober. Starting Sunday (six months date) I am cutting the sugar and carbs back out, one cheat day a week


Is it the cold temperatures in the winter that causes problems with getting exercise, or is it snow? I’m curious if snow is the issue, if you have got involved with snowshoeing or cross-country skiing or something similar along those lines to get your cardio? I don’t live in an area that has issues with snow, but I have gone snowshoeing recreationally when on vacation during the winter, and I found it to be equally strenuous if not more so than running in warmer climates.


Fitbit. Walk. Every day. Set a step count goal and do it every single day, rain or shine. I got my first fitbit after I had been sober six months. Sobriety alone had not resulted in weight loss. Walking did. Walking is easy, low impact and can be done just about anywhere. It’s also a great way to change your mood. It was very surprising to me when I started dropping weight just by walking. It’s so easy and sustainable. Invest in comfortable shoes and dress for the weather and then get out there and walk.

I lost approximately 30 pounds within six months of consistent walking and then another ten pounds when I stopped added sugar. I’ve kept that weight off for four years now.

After I lost weight with my walking routine, I stopped all soda: diet and regular. It’s just crap: horrible for you and lots of calories and / or chemicals. I stopped putting sugar or artificial sweeteners in my coffee. That took a little bit of adjusting but I don’t miss it at all anymore. I also added oatmeal with blueberries to my breakfast every morning and eat lots of fruits and vegetables during the day. I still eat pizza and pasta and bread on a fairly regular basis. I drink water, seltzer and coffee and don’t crave anything else. I do go through periods of allowing myself chocolate / sugar once a week but I sometimes lose control and find it creeping back into a daily habit. Like alcohol, I’m an all or nothing kind of gal. Much easier to go without completely.

But the biggest impact was the walking. It completely changed my body and energy levels.


I love the outdoors. Getting lost on a trail for a few hours with a good amount of elevation -because it is a great way to zone out and get great exercise… I am in Canada, so temperatures are really cold a large amount of the year, snow and ice really hold me back. I sometimes go alone, or with my husband and kids… or just take my now 1.5 year old in a hiker. We have enough falls fetching us up in fair weather… would be terrified to attempt in winter. Ha ha… I have never been a skater. Snowshoeing might be a good option.

(Just to edit - I have never fallen with the baby on my back… but I have twin girls who are known to have two left feet some days and might wipe out over an obstruction in path or tree stump. They do recover quickly, though - and can whip through 12 k pretty fast!)


I first quit booze when I needed to go to an 8 week Functional Movement class in an attempt to get relief from an L5-S1 lower back injury. Twice a week I did the class (moderate exercise as we were all broken), walked as many places as I could, cut sugar, and ate lean. I dropped 13 kilograms (~29pounds) in 5 weeks. Have kept that off for over 2 years now. For me, intermittent fasting has probably helped the most in maintenance and I don’t bother eating if i’m not hungry. I was not built for three meals a day it seems.


:joy: I wasn’t gonna judge you, no worries. Yeah, seriously give snowshoeing a shot if you’ve never tried it. A couple winter vacations ago we purchased our three children snowshoes before we went to a National Park for a week in the snow. It kicked my ass every single day being out on the trails…… Definitely a work out.


Try to eat all your meals in a 10-12 hour window to start, then you can try 9 or 8 or less, but ive read that at the very least, giving your body 12 hours of fasting helps a lot. I wait until 1030 or 11am for my first meal, until I’m really hungry. I have a smoothie with spinach or other dark leafy greens, blueberries, avocado, protein powder, flax seeds and chia seeds, and a little coconut oil. Keeps me satisfied for a while.
For other meals its lots of veg (at least 2/3 of my plate) a little lean, clean protein, and some healthy fat. I don’t eat any bread or tortillas or pasta. I eat very little cheese or dairy.
Snacks are nuts snd fruit and almond butter.
Not gonna lie, i love sweets. I’ve been experimenting with paleo desserts and have found a few that satisfy cravings, so im trying to fully cut out sugar and white flour. But i definitely indulge, thats the alcoholic in me!!
Yoga, running, hiking, weights. Yoga with Adriene channel on YouTube every morning before work to get me moving.
Ive dropped almost 15 lbs since I got sober so it seems to be working even though I can’t quite shake my sweet tooth.:wink:


That is probably a suggestion I will seriously consider. Winter coming to an end (someday) soon, there will probably be some decent deals on snowshoes. At least lots of padding between winter gear and snow for soft landing for the falls of all!


Maybe give martial arts a try. If you aren’t big on physical contact, Tai Chi is good. I’ve tried it a few times.


One of my daughters does Jiu Jitsu classes twice a week and enjoys it. Tai Chi might be something to look into. I definitely need to keep an open mind and invest some time into something physical and not familiar to me, so I can make progress and get out of this winter funk I make myself fall victim to.


Snowshoeing is a great workout and a lot of fun…plus better than post holing!

Winter hiking is also a great workout and fun, as long as you dress in layers and wear the right materials (wicking, not cotton).

Winter running was my absolute favorite tho. Makes you feel super bad ass. :sunglasses:


My back-up plan is to move to the tropics of Canada a.k.a Vancouver, but budget simply won’t allow at this time…just waiting on that real estate market to keep crashing. Ha ha…


Ok. I’m going to start with cutting my portion sizes. I get so much pressure over “family meals” that I don’t think I can change how I eat too much. I do eat lots of veggies etc but I probably eat too much. I also should work on my carb intake such as breads and pastas.

As for exercise I’m anxiously awaiting spring so I can get moving outdoors again. I would like to take up running again. I’ll be back to the couch level though!!

We do have a LOT of equipment at home so I can easily workout anyway I like, but I’m very uncomfortable working out with others in the house. I would prefer privacy but that doesn’t exist in my house. I’ll need to make sure I get private time. Such as I don’t think first thing in am would work because I’d never know if my hubby would get up for his own workout. That may sound odd since we would both be working out but I feel self conscious. I don’t feel that at a gym but I do at home. (I really am a basket case, aren’t I??)


I’d recommend the book “The Longevity Diet” by Dr. Valter Longo, and the “How Not to Die Cookbook” by Michael Greger. The first is the intermittent fasting guy who made it possible for me to run half marathons without needing anything but water, it works! Tames the carb seeking monster within. The second is the follow up of Greger’s other book, both enlightening. I’m happy to share how I eat, too, if interested.


Yup, I can workout for hours without needing anything but water either. I really love IF.


Saw this morning and laughed out loud. Now I understand. :joy:


That is so funny! And in reality, losing weight is mostly what we eat and drink as opposed to working out. Working out has a multitude of benefits, can help you lose weight, but it can’t reverse poor eating habits.