My workouts

I used to workout indoors until drinking took priority, so ill just post my workout results. Better than drinking all those empty calories.


Well done mate

I’ve gone from an average of 12k steps a day to 18k steps as I’ve been able to play more sport in the past week


Thats a big increase!! Nice work!

I will say one of my favorite things about sobriety is no longer trying to outrun the extra 1200-1400 calories a day hungover. Now I can just enjoy fitness for it’s own sake and I don’t feel so much self loathing if I need to take a break.


Curious about those 1250 watts.

That was my best 5 sec effort. It was a year or 2 ago. I was doing a sprint workout. I have way better/more? fast twitch muscle fibers than slowtwitch.

I gotcha. I have no idea which fibers control the sprints. That’s really good though. I used to be a pretty good climber, even though I’m 6’7", but that was when I focused on “training”. Now I’m just a weekend warrior that occasionally does intervals when prepping for a century.

Damn dude!! You’re tall!!
The fast twitch are what sprinters use, or have more of. I go uphill like a rock! Its flat here in the midwest so i dont really have to worry about any climbing.

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If I only had a dollar for every time I heard that :joy::joy::joy: