Naltrexone and Campral

I would just like if Naltrexone and Campral combined are very effective with beating cravings

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I’ve been on Naltrexone for almost a year. I did the monthly injection for the first 6 months. It is very effective for me to eliminate cravings for alcohol.


Thank you Charlie, that puts my mind at rest Thank you for responding

I don’t know what campral is, but naltrexone has saved my life. I also go to therapy. I have been on it for over a year.

I have used naltrexone for 3 months. It helped me allot.
I didn’t have cravings at all in the first 2 months and it help me to stay of the alcohol for almost 3 months.
Your liver have to be on a good condition dough, or it will do more damage than good!
Campral I have no experience with…

I am getting prescribed Naltrexone and I want to start going to the gym, does Naltrexone effect exercising, Does any one know

Exercising should not be a problem. It possible that the first week you start taking the naltrexone your responsiveness could be less then normal.
But if you’re body gets used to the daily intake this will get back to normal!

Naltrexone isn’t good for your liver if you have liver issues but campral is alright. That’s what I’m taking now.

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What about women’s libido does naltrexone make a difference