Narcotics anonymous people smoking?

I’ve been to rehab.
I’ve seen narcotics anonymous people are still smoking??

Please discuss here why people from narcotics anonymous still smoke??

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Probably for the same reasons anyone still smokes. You’ll have to ask them to be sure.


I’m asking here.

How one can be sober if he is smoking??


A lot of people ha e diffrent views of this.

I’m living a sober life of no booze. I’m not ready to give up my cigarettes just yet.


Cigarette contains nicotine.
Nicotine is also a drug.

I’ve seen people from narcotics anonymous who still smokes.

How one can be sober if he is using nicotine or marijuana.

I can’t answer for them or others or for anyone in NA

I can answer for myself. For me I’m sober. Cigarettes are not my issue, they don’t impair my ability to parent my child or make sure he is safe. Drinking alcohol did that for me. So at 98.99 days of no booze that’s sober to me.


You have your view of sober, and others have theirs, whether either of you are meeting that criteria or not.

What should matter to you is your own recovery. What does it matter to you if someone else is smoking? What can you do about it? It’s just a distraction from your own efforts to getting sober.


Are you comparing nicotine to marijuana?? Are we gonna thro canine in there too?

If that’s the case I don’t think NA of AA would survive!


Sober means not using any kind of drug.
There is a confusion in na also.
People are using cigarettes.
That is another kind of self harming.

Sobriety means sticking to food, water, oxygen.
That’s it.

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Does it really? Fluoxetine is a drug, and I take it as directed by my doctor to treat my mental health conditions. I consider myself sober. If we try deciding for other people what’s sober and what’s not, we spend all our time arguing instead of helping each other.

We could go down that road, but I have a question for you. How does this issue impact your sobriety? What can we do to help you stay sober?


Only I can help myself.
You can give me good suggestions but following them is upto me.
I’m suffering right now.

If you are using something that is prescribed by doctor then it’s fine because your body needs it.

You people are giving me a great advice but truth is I’m suffering from addiction.

Just like that I’m suffering but I’m giving a good advice to others.

I’m a fucking drug addict but still I’ll tell people sobriety means sticking to food, water, oxygen.

Natural state of a human being.

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Do you drink coffee, eat sugar, or any caffeine? If you want to get very technical about sobritey, those are mind altering also


I don’t drink coffee just water.

I’m sure you consume sugar. Thanks


Sugar will not give me lung cancer
Heart attack


Cigarette will.

Yes, sugar actually will give you cancer, stroke and a heart attack


What is more harmful sugar or cigarette ??

I’m sure you are a smoker.

I hear you! Definitely. I remember what my early days were like, and I don’t envy what you’re going through. I especially identify with what you’re saying about following suggestions. I loved getting them and thinking about how they would help me, but it was just so hard to actually apply them with any consistency. I started telling myself that I had to have given something a solid try before saying it won’t work or I can’t do it. That was stressful but it helped me do things that were important to my sobriety.