Nearing twenty days

Good evening my dudes!

Lately I’ve been having some nightmares where I feel like my consciousness is warning me that it’s on one percent and that if my head shakes again I might die

I’ve also had a dream where it scared me too much to the point I became afraid to fall asleep.

How does one sleep after experiencing an affront like this from your brain ?

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I didn’t sleep well for nearly 2 months when I was in early recovery. Dreams galore and super weird and fucked up ones too. Meditation, quit walks before bed and doing word finds or puzzles helped me. Everything gets better with more time. All I know.

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Melatonin has helped me. On the surface, I tried it once. It appeared to not help me. I tried it again. My girlfriend says that I am almost intolerable in bed when I dont take it. The service connected dreams I have take over and I am running, fighting, giving commands in my sleep. With melatonin, I am a peaceful sleeper.

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Thank you. I shall try it