Need forgiveness

Anyone on here Christian. Ive been depressed for about a few months and have been wanting to end it all but idk if theres hope or if I should end it all


I’m a Christian.
There’s always hope. I know sometimes things seem hopeless but you just never know what tomorrow will bring.
What’s going on?


International suicide prevention hotline numbers.

I’ve called before, you don’t need to know what to say. Just call.


In my exparience I unfortunately watched family members go through hard depression due to the treatment of others and the surroundings they are in

It went on for 17 years for one of them

On the 17th year they managed to go against all odds with a spark of hope. Just a little hope

The little hope they had which I’m not sure what it was, they pulled through and i have never seen such powerful comeback from everything

That family member suffered loosing everything they had, including a very scary physical and medical emergency

At about the 15th year of the depression and due to huge amounts of stress, they had a stroke and it was very scary because I knew that it wasn’t fare

At the 17th year mark things started to get better

At the 19th year mark he got his life back. He even found love

The light at the end of the tunnel of mental stress came.

Life much better for them now

It will get better. It takes time sometimes but it will get better.

Are you sad for particular reason??

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Sometimes when we aren’t feeling we have God’s forgiveness, really what the issue is: We aren’t forgiving ourselves.
1 John 3: 19 - 20 " By this we will know that we originate with the truth, and we will assure our hearts before him regarding whatever our hearts may condemn us in, because God is greater than our hearts and knows all things."
Sometimes our own heart keeps condemning us for things God has long ago forgiven us for. But God is greater than our hearts! He is more forgiving than we are of ourselves!

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I’ve been in college for about three and a half about to be four next week. And it’s hard being away when you left out of things doing a bunch of work with nothing but trying to pass, do good and work, while everyone else has a good time. I barely have any friends and they do more dun things than and I feel like im missing out or that im either just left out, worthless, or blamed.

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I see

Your doing so good by the way!!! In collage!!! Wow

I never went to collage but I had no friends in high school

The few friends i had were totally addicted to drugs. I don’t blame them. I can’t change them

Are you in a collage compass room?? Because if you are thats not easy.

Ok now im going to turn the tables on ya :wink:

Your in collage and that is huge. It’s not a easy task.

You do your work
Again very very cool a hounerable

You don’t have many friends? It’s better then having bad friends who will drag you down or do drugs with you

Drugs and alcohol can depress even the healthiest person

This song was shown to me a long time ago here and im obsessed with it

Demi has a very dark history
Check out her documentaries sometime and she will stunn you

Today will be a good day
Today is a new day
I tell myself both of those every morning

Lol this song is so good

I’ll be your friend
And we will all be your friend
Will you let us be your friend :slight_smile:

It may look you’re surrounded, but God is surrounding you.

Prayers sent.

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There is hope, A lot of it. My last day drinking, was going to be my last day. I just couldnt see life getting better. I heard God’s voice. “Try sober”. So I tried life sober. That was 1350ish days ago. Lots of hard work…good days, bad days, some in between days.

But overall, life us exponentially better.

Try sober.


I am a Christian. One of the hardest things for some Christians is to realize that they have been forgiven by His sacrifice and forgive themselves.

Your debt was paid long ago on a cross of timbers. Every sin you have or will commit is washed away with repentance and prayer.


There is so much hope, Jesus loves you so much
You can do this


Spiritually, I haven’t prayed or read my bible in two months because it may sound odd but I feel as if Gods mad at me or punishing me or both. So idk if I should keep going or just stop where I stand. The problems ive faced was a long break between me and my gf, ive been cussing more, i feel like is listening to me, i feel blamed for things, i havent been listening to christian music and find it hard because i dont feel worthy even the things i wear (cross necklace and bracelet)

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I know that song lol.
Thanks for the prayers


That’s a lie being whispered in your ear, by the evil one, the prince of lies and half-truths.


I can identify with your feelings of loneliness, perhaps even abandonment and a yearning to belong and have friends.
… In my experiences of life, life in recovery and relapse(s), college (MANY years ago) and knowing and experiencing Jesus Christ and HIS full power, I’ve come to learn that The Lord sets us apart for HIS good works. Yes, it may feel lonely at the time because we don’t understand it quite yet. But please do your best to have faith in the God you claim to love and follow. Remember what he did on that cross for us and when you are brought to a place of wanting to change and understanding the full weight of what we’ve done in our addiction or in our alcoholism that in itself is beautiful that we can see and we have a desire to change.
Not all people are good for us and in my experience, my best growth and most internal real work accomplished were all during lonely, quite and crushing times. Probably because I’m stubborn and a knucklehead but Im sure I’m more prone to listen for and maybe hear what my Godly heart says when I’m not distracted by aquaintances and sometimes even people set up to trip me up whom I wanna call “friends”.

In second Corinthians 7:10 it says-
Godly sorrow brings repentance that leads to salvation and leaves no regret, but worldly sorrow brings death.

I read the scripture this morning and it reminds me of when I was out in the world and I wanted to kill myself so many times. It became an option for me and that’s the worldly sorrow that brought death. I was too caught up in myself and too ashamed and kept believing the lie that life would be better for everybody and me if I were gone. But just knowing that I had sorrow and wanted to change (repent). I wanted to change! That in itself came from God (Creator of all things) That in itself tells me that this living, loving God is still with me and drew(persuaded) my heart to change.

I read My Utmost for His Highest daily devotional. And today’s talks about repentance. He says in here-- He (we) proves he is forgiven by being the opposite of what he was previously, by the grace of God.

It also says a person cannot repent when he chooses - repentance is a gift of God.

Ponder those. I am. Food for thought.
Hope this helps. Giving away what helped me this morning.

With the :heavy_heart_exclamation: of Christ,


Yes! John 10:10

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Ya know, a lot of times I don’t feel worthy either. I haven’t been to church for a really long time. I struggle with religion that is made up by sinners just like me. And I struggle a lot with what I’m “suppose” to do. And then I change my “stinking thinking,” and think of those three books of John near the end of the Bible. God Is Love. 1 John 4:8
And that to me is pretty powerful stuff, in this crazy mixed up world. God knows what’s really in my heart. And from there I think of the passages in the Gospel where Jesus says “just believe.” And like the father of the boy I ask Jesus to help me with my unbelief. When I’m struggling.

I’m not reading the Bible now. I’ve read it many, many times. The whole thing. I’m taking a break from it. It doesn’t mean I love Jesus any less. I also have a great Christian Music playlist. Sometimes I listen to it a lot. Sometimes not so much. I don’t think God really cares or not what I’m listening to on my playlist. It’s all art. No matter what I’m listening to.

I don’t know if I’m helping you much. Just another struggling Christian out here trying to stay sober. With the help of God.
I pray you are doing better today. And opening up on here has help you.