Need help, grandpa's wake is today

So grandpa’s wake is today and funeral is tomorrow. I am really struggling and dont want to lose my sobriety. I have to go as my husband is a pallbearer. And he is being buried with my kids stuffed Animal and my daughter’s art of him will be on display. Please, any advice will help!

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That would be a rough one to fight no doubt… Im sorry to hear about your grandpa… All i can say is to just try to remember why youre doing this. What you have to gain from your sobriety and what may result if you give in. Its gona be hard… It will be but i know he wouldnt want you to go back to that. I dont know anything about you or him but im sure hes insanely proud of how far youve come. As i said i dont know you personally and if i spoke out of term i apologize but life will throw everything at us and we need to be strong for ourselves cause we know no one else can nor will do it for us. It boils down to us


What has helped me tremendously in recovery is when I am able to pause and remember not to resist or run from any feeling out of fear of pain. The moment I stop running, turn around and FACE the pain head on - well all of a sudden it loses much of it’s strength! It’s absolutely the opposite of what I expect. Pain is like a bully, it’s really a coward. Once you stop running from it and stand up to it ready to take it on it’s shrinks down! Like it’s never expected you to abruptly about face and stand your ground…it doesn’t know what to do. So, remember as human beings we were meant to experience life, all of it. Not to escape from it.
Hugs to you. Let us know how you’re doing.


I just watched a close uncle of my husband die in his hospital bed last week. Had the wake, mass and luncheon this weekend. It was extremely hard on many levels, but what kept me sober was “playing the tape forward”. I came close to having a drink but every time I asked myself, what would happen after I finish this one drink? And every time I came to the same conclusion. It would not end with that one drink.
You can do this! This community is here to support you.

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You’re going to hear that no amount of drinking will bring him back or kill the pain. And while that is true, I think the deeper truth is that feeling and living with your grief will not harm you or kill you. You can tolerate it, one hour, one day at a time.

Blessings on your house :pray: in your time of grief.