Need help with Nicotine addiction tips and tricks would really help

Hello I am trying my best to quit nicotine. I smoked constantly usually a pack a day And then switched to the juul. I do about a pod or a pod and a half a day and now I am really hooked anyone have tips on how I can stop for good. Been off nicotine for one day and very shackey.

I smoked for decades, switched to vaping (Vuse) and that was worse due to high nicotine content.

I quit a few months ago, cold turkey. Withdrawal sucks, but I was without a doubt ready to quit. To do so, I tossed everything related. All the chargers, batteries etc. Then put my big boy pants on, quit and went through the withdrawals. I felt like shit for a out a week then felt a lot better.

I’ve tried welbutrin, patches, gums before. But this time, I just wanted to get it over as soon as possible, so cold turkey it was.

What helped was writing in a journal, sometimes by hour, for the first week. So I wont forget what I went through.

Maybe take a few days off work/school until the worse is over.

And most importantly, decide that you wont cave.

Good luck.


I’ve been vaping for years and that’s a great way to quit cigarettes. Just like @Dejavu said; the high nicotine content and constant access to a hit can and will get you more addicted to nicotine, if you’re not careful. (Which is what happened to me)

To combat this, I started making my own e juice. By doing so, I was able to reduce the nicotine levels steadily and now I vape at an almost imperceptibly low amount of nic. The next batch will have zero, and then I’m done for good.

Lemme know if you have questions.
Its a dangerous game to play, but I can help you beat it.

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