Need some help......... Feel terrible

Hi all deleted this all stupidly really struggling with booze coke and prescribed drugs pregablin just need a chat if anyone wants to talk

I was just about to ask if your in the UK but just saw it in your profile. The pregablin gave it away I know a few people who have struggled with it, when was your last binge

Yeah from Essex the last few weeks just bee loopy feel as if I’m losing the plot

If you can give yourself a break and get a free days to a week clean under your belt the fig should lift and give you a taste of what longer term sobriety can feel like, it’s worth it :+1::slightly_smiling_face:


Will try all I’ve been having is the suicidal thoughts going through my head

You live alone or with anybody?

Thoughts or actually planning. It’s something I’ve attempted some years ago through intentional overdose but decided to go to the hospital afterwards and had two unintentional ones that I was luckily brought back from, it’s not worth it and the feeling will pass. As is said, it’s a permenant solution to a temporary problem.
A couple of people on here have felt the same recently, posted about it, taken advice and then been glad that they had reached out. If it’s something your seriously considering please reach out and if you can call local helplines, please :slightly_smiling_face:


Just me got a flat

I’ve been to the gp today she signed me off work but he’s the thoughts are still there

116123 is the UK Samaritans. When I was in the depths of withdrawals I wished I was dead and if not for the irreparable damage it would do to my family then I probably wouldn’t be here now. Bit I can tell you that I’m so happy to be here.
What do you do for work

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I’m a support worker in a brain injury home if I’ve still got a job that is

Does your GP know about your drug use. Things like pregablin fuck with the way you think but it should subside after not too long

To be fair I’ve felt like this for a while just in a loop of drinking hoping I don’t wake up then repeat

That’s gotta be a pretty fulfilling job. Hopefully there won’t be a problem with it, my brother’s a Carer at a kids home he absolutely loves it :slightly_smiling_face:

Alcohols a depressant, if you give yourself a little time free of it or will pass. Use the search bar through the magnifying glass at the top to search topics, search for paws which covers withdrawal symptoms in pretty sure depression is one of them

I just wanna die mate that’s how I feel

Even if you will feel better in a coupe of days. What family do you have

Give that number a ring. They know what they are talking about, I only have a bit of an idea mate. All I know is it’s not the answer :+1:

Hey Bayley, how old are matey?

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You know that this feeling will pass given time.
Do you want to talk about it. We can pm if you like

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