Need some help i think. T

Hi all, so I was sober for 6 weeks. Then 4th of July came around, and I had 4-5 beers and 1 shot. Which is weird cause I had no cravings but it happened. Everything was totally fine. Didn’t drink the next day. No cravings, ready to get back on the wagon, so I did. 24 hours hit. My lady went out of town for the night so I bought myself a couple of my ciders. Drank those. Again, fine. No craziness, no repercussions. Mellow night, went to bed. Then tonight, it was a 4 pack of ciders, so of course I had to finish the other two, right? Still nothing bad. Everything’s fine. However my mindset must have changed. The past 3 months my rotator cuff and nerves have been killing me. Every night I’ve been waking up or not being able to goto bed because of numbness, pins and needles and burning sensation from my neck to my finger tips. Like I said the last 6 weeks before the fourth I’ve been dealing with this sober. It’s been a huge battle, being that I do not get much sleep but I’ve been powering through (barely)
However now my mind tells me , well hey your in pain, do what you used to. Drink. Its the only pain killer I have .

Sorry for the novel guys just needed to share no matter how strong the mindset, pain is a big motive sometimes
Need some advice as I’m in pain every night

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I don’t drink a six pack a night. As I said, I had some beers and 1 shot on 4th of July. Celebrations are a struggle and I think many on this app can agree. I take over the counter drugs to eliminate my pain every single night. They have never worked. My profession is culinary because it is what I love. However it is debilitating me. After 6 weeks, 1 relapse, it seems I am falling into my old habits of taking away the pain. Just looking for some support, that’s all.

Yes it is important, and I appreciate your concern.

I agree with this statement. On one hand alcohol in moderation has become a way of many people (I’d love to be one of those people), on the other hand if you’re an alcoholic or abuse alcohol/drugs there’s a stigma attached to it.
I don’t have any advice on the pain, I know the numbing effects of alcohol whether you’re trying to run away from physical or emotional pain, it’s quick & easy. Have you tried heat packs/ice packs? Maybe physio might be good.
Reset and start day 1, choose to be sober today, do something/anything to keep your mind & body active, even go to bed early if that’s an option.
You’ve managed 6 weeks, you can do this again.


Thank you. I’ve tried heat and ice. It helps in the moment but I still wake up in pain. On the up side, I have an appointment with orthopedics on Wednesday that I have been waiting 2 month’s for. Thank you for your kind words, it truly helps having support here. 6 weeks felt great, time to push on again :muscle:

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A 6 pack a night is not okay to me. I present myself to this app because I need support, not someone to mock my troubles. If you have time under your belt, I assure you to support people… not make them feel less so you feel large. Thank you. A small comment can really break people down.

@ANH831 I think @SoberGuyUSA poses a valid question. What is it you want? There’s help and support available here. In heaps. This is a sobriety forum though. We want you to help to get and stay sober. That’s what we are here for. There’s no support given for having one or two or four or six on occasion. It’s just not what we believe in. It’s not what I believe in.
It sure doesn’t work for me and I’ve never seen it work for anybody here trying it. Which might be influenced by some biases true. I’m sorry for your pain and I’m sure you tried lots to manage it. I still think drinking isn’t the solution. As you noticed yourself it gets progressively worse. You will need more and more to manage your pain. There are other possibilities besides painkillers to manage your pain. Investigate (you might have done so, sorry if you did). I am sure trying to drink the pain away doesn’t help in the end. It’s what we all tried here (both emotional and physical pain) and it didn’t work for any of us. I wish you all success in your journey.


The question you need to ask yourself and answer truthfully to yourself is are you ready to put the drink down and work on getting a solid foundation for your journey ahead. Have you had enough.there’s so an abundance of support and knowledge here take your time and read through the threads. All the best. I would suggest going to your Dr for pain but be very mindful they don’t offer you another addiction ie benzos or methado e for pain


Hey brotha !! As a massage therapist to me it sounds like your pinching a nerve within the shoulder blade !! I’m more than willing to help you out !! Reach out please


Drinking is always ok, until it is not. I have started drinking again, and thought “it is still ok” “no problems yet” and then hey presto, weeks later it was not ok, and there were problems.
As for ur pain, have u been to the dr? Alcohol is a painkiller with a lot of side effects. I would look into other options.

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I have no problem celebrating holidays sober. What helped me was to avoid all celebrations until I got comfortable in my sobriety.

Alcohol is only temporary relief for the pain. There are many over the counter remedies. I have severe back pain, requiring a 2nd surgery to have discs removed. I went through the same thing a few years back which lead to my pain pill addiction. This time around I manage pain by alternating advil and tylenol.

I’m not flagging your post because you obviously need suggestions but I’m going to reference one of the rules that applies here.
Rather than posting about using, try to keep your focus on how you want to stop using. This is a sobriety focused site - promoting moderation can negatively impact members’ sobriety.


I understand this very well.

I live in daily pain. For the last 18 months I had been living at a 7.
0 being none 10 being the worst.
Day in and day out with no relief…then my pain would flare up to a 10 for between 1 to 2 weeks at a time.

I celebrated 18 months sober a few weeks ago.

It sucks but it is possible, it just depends on your mindset and how much pain addiction has caused you.

The emotional and spiritual pain from addiction for me surpassed any amount of physical pain. Either that or I am just one tough bitch.

You have to want your life back real bad.


I’m glad you got into the orthopedist. It takes forever to get into see them, and hopefully they will be able to help you. Shoulder pain is rough. Rooting for you, Friend.