Need to commit to sobriety

This is tough to write because I’ve been spiraling for a while again. It doesn’t help I’ve been out off work and with so much going on in life (Not particularly because of a pandemic except for a job needed) I’ve had the emotional damage and time to drink.

It’s not for the lack of trying when I’ve stopped for a week here and there. It’s been bad. My surroundings have really affected me . I need to move out asap for a while because of our neighbors and tenants in our building. It’s a long story
We have a SL Officer that’s been trying and manager does nothing but I just can’t do it here anymore. I’m a great tenant , not even when I drink do I bother anyone. sometimes I just leave for a bit. But I have a sweet Bunny I don’t leave for long during the day. But I stick it out. That’s a big reason from my heavy drinking lately. I know I’m better for her when I’m sober and I’ve wasted time not looking for a place or work. Even missed an interview or two. I’ve lost a job when this started because of violent loud tenants and not letting us sleep. I’ve been severely sleep deprived constantly. Even during the day I haven’t been able to from noise. I already know it’ll happen tonight. My eyes are so bloodshot from not sleeping. Like I said it’s not just me and it’s been so long more than a year now. I out of fight trying to have peace and respect here the same way we give other tenants that don’t deserve it honestly. It was great when I first moved in and I know we never know who moves in but we keep asking them to please keep it down and keep it clean. They stay up all night all the time they don’t work. Like I said it’s not just me. It’s the 8th and I really need to commit to sobriey so I’m proactive in finding a place. It’s been hard with my funds being lower than usual. I even was offered a job not long ago but I had to turn it down because we seriously don’t sleep for days/nights on end. And it was a job I’d have til 3 am sometimes and go back the next day @11 there was no way I would had been functional as I’ve been even sleep deprived now and in need since Sunday. (sober) So I’m 3 days sober now and I just need to commit to get out of here already.

I’ve used this before and it was great but I didn’t want to come back until I knew I was going to try my best , not like I wasn’t but I was easily drinking if I felt the stress. I’m prone to seazires if I’m highly stressed and it has to take alot to get them and hives, I’m alergic to my own stress believe it or not . So not to be gross but I have them now and I had two seizures last week(I was sober) . It’s affecting my mental and physical health greatly. I don’t want to die from stress here or drinking . I just know in my heart that I’d do much better with sobriety when I move from this place I’ve called hell.

So here I go…

Thank you.
That was all hard to write and crying . That too my depression has gotten worse being here.

People tell me to be strong and Read a book or listen to music but that’s all I do and I can’t even hear my tv many times and I practically live with headphones day and night that I get horrible headaches from them contstantly being on and o still hear them. I have more to say but I’m crying too much.

Thank you for reading, I know we can do this.



So sorry to read your struggles Lady. I do like reading some of your positive thoughts about it all though. I think that’s a great sign!

I’m curious if you’ve tried calling the police on the after-hours noise? Your situation sounds awful! I’m also curious if your seizures are withdrawal related? Or is that something you’ve always dealt with in your life?

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Hi , yes we be tried the right to quiet and enjoyment has been told to the manager /landlord…were in outr 5th one in 3 years and they’ve never listen to us as they call them “slum landlords” I’ve thought of withholding rent but it’s a process even toake a complaint on him. We’ve done so much , as I had mentioned it’s a long story of what we’ve done but this landlord is awful , he called the tenants once and they denied everything he believed them. I’ve been harrased an dshoved by the 3 men that live next to me , they have to walk by my door to get out so I’ve had to cover my window and door I feel so trapped in here because they always looked in. We’ve tried so much. It been so long and we have new tenants that have been here 4 months and literally all day and they already started tonight with the noise. I live in a multi-unit bachelor where it used to be a house and some people share a restroom next to me and they kitchen and they’re up all night. So there’s 5 people using the restroom. 2 are lovely ladies who I mentioned are being harassed to. We’ve tried to ban together but even that doesn’t work. I’ve gotten severely tired where I just couldn’t fall asleep and even if I did I’m constantly woken up for the last four months from them only. My only choice now is to really just move. We had hopes with police involved but even if we call sometimes it takes 5 hours for them to even come . And the wait time can be over an hour at times. I especially have tried all I can. It’s cause me to get very sick emotionally and physically. I didn’t sleep last night at all. Night before a combines scattered 40 minutes (not even exaggerating, it’s been since last Thursday. I got 3 1/2 hours Wednesday, that’s the last time I slept but that because they weren’t here and came back at 3:30 am . We don’t understand what they keep doing . The lovely girl mext to them. Can’t sleep either. She’s missed work. We’re not being heard. Not even being physically shoved by those men helped me. Making a complaint is a process and I just can’t anymore. The two ladies share that restroom with them and they are so dirty. I don’t come out anymore ( I have two exits , hallway and the back but I’m cornered. Don’t even know what for but I’m contacting manager tomorrow . There’s no point. One of the other ladies already did 3 days ago and he’s unresponsive. I can’t anymore.

Syreas can be a killer , I undey. I’ve tried to even go for walks but I leave my poor bun u to delq and I just stress because I know I have to get back to this. My life has stopped because of this.
Congratulations on your days. We can do this. This place brought back alcoholism in me. I was doing pretty good the first years here.


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Hi, yes the police have been involved. But it’s hard they have to catch them. But it takes for ever for them to answered and for them to come , last time it was 5 hours so from 1 am til 6 + they finally came. I had left. I’ve slept in the stairs outside the other building. I almost want to get a motel tonight but it’s hard with .y bunny. Landlord is unresponsive and horrible to us. They’ve already called these particular tenants and they denied everything. Tough part too they only speak Spanish and I’m the only one here speaking Spanish since I was a kiddo. Everything has felt against us.
And the seixywere stress related not withdrawal I wasn’t drunk I had been sober and already feeling better physically from alcohol not the sleep or stress. I go soany nights no sleep for four months now. And before that too with the other tenants. I’ve even been shoved by one of them , of course denied it . We have a shady slum Lord yet again. It’s been 3-4 worth of fighting for peace with 5 landlosrdi who have been the same or worse. I seriously feel even cursed at this point of that makes sense. Like what did I do. I’m a great tenant. Try and be a good person. An activist. Even my activism aside from pandemic has been slim to none. It’s affected my life wholey. It worse than it sounds trust me. :confused: