Need to recover


Please help me, how do I stay sober? I use any excuse to drink but I am miserable, it is ruining my life


AA has kept me sober and given me a life worth living. I haven’t had to drink in over 14 months. Check out a meeting, what’s the worst that could happen?


Thank you, yes I will use all the tools. I need to be strong and not weak. How is your recovery going? I started to be so strong last week but then family arrived, a glass of wine was ordered for me and stupidly I thought just the one. Felt like hell all day and my relationship is hanging on a thread :relieved:


People in my life know that I’m sober and know not to offer it to me. My family is understanding and supports my efforts in AA. Once I had lost enough and was desperate enough I knew I had nothing to lose by giving AA a chance. Things aren’t always great but being sober allows me to see things clearly and I know that drinking will make things worse.


Also, this app is a great resource. There is so much knowledge and the people are amazing, there’s always someone to talk to.


If you cant find meeting local to reach you can also register to other forums. You can register at if you are interested in smart. You can also live meetings online at nothing is better then face to face meetings and personally being able connect. learning the tools to cope with cravings and triggers thru programs is what keeps us sober. Life will always be a test as it always has with ups and downs. We must be prepared for all and open to do anything if all else fails no excuses… maybe looking into the search function or ways to cope with cravings may help get ideas.


You just have to want it. You have to stop making excuses and see it for what it is. You’re just like I was; making excuses and then feeling like shit the next day; it got old. It may be ruining your life, but it doesn’t have to. You get to decide how much of a hold it has on you. Keep your head up and take it one day at a time.