Need your advice

Hi, i am on day 6, and am having some problems, (not including cravings and self-sabotage)

I am having a hard time thinking, everything is "viberating’, i also have no energy.
I dont want to complain,
has anyone dealt with things like this?
Whats can I do to help abate this?
Thank you for any suggestions you might offer.


Withdrawals have such a wide range of symptoms and severities, it’s crazy.

The best cure is time. For alcohol specifically, it can take up to 2 years for your brain to regain normal function. Don’t worry though, what you’re experiencing wont last that long!

The first 4 to 6 weeks, you may feel like your head is in a fog. You can’t think straight, you have memory issues, you may even have a hard time speaking. And as you said, you feel like you’re vibrating. This is normal, your brain is getting used to not having alcohol to carry messages throughout your neural network and over time it starts to re-produce the chemicals required to carry these messages on it’s own.

You may also feel extreme fatigue. Alcohol is a sugar and sugars are converted into fuel for your body. A sudden absence of alcohol is a sudden absence of fuel. You’re body is literally out of gas and running on fumes. This is why so many people crave sweets after quitting. You’re brain wants its sugar one way or another!

So… The best thing to do is remember that your mind and body are healing from possible years of abuse, treat the healing process like you would if you were hit by a train:

Hydrate with water often
Rest. Plenty of rest
Vitamin B (know that it takes like 8 to 12 weeks for vitamins to fully work, so keep taking them)
Eat as healthy as possible (plenty of raw veggies and fruits)
If you crave sugars, eat sugars
If you can, go for walks (the more you move, the more energy you get)

The first few weeks are the roughest. Get through these and you will never have to go through it again!


Field guide to managing alcohol withdrawal, right there!

The only addendum I would propose is that if you’re feeling really ill, or shaky or you are seeing or hearing things that “aren’t there”, seek medical help immediately. Medical assistance can help even with milder withdrawal, at least by making us accountable to an interested third party.


Of course we have all been though it. I’ve had good days and bad days but I’m at 30 days now and I’m still going :upside_down_face: What helped me the most was this community I don’t think I would have made it without it. Congratulations on 6 days :clap: Keep going :hugs: