Needing Encouragement

I like that the HALT method don’t be:
Hungry because each time I was hungry I thought it was because I needed a drink instead of actual food.
I was always Angry when drinking and I could never let the past be the past or had any reason.
When my husband became an on the road truck driver a few months ago is when my drinking hit an all time high because I was always Lonely and alone with the kids. He is changing jobs and this is his last week on the road that’s another reason I want to be sober for him. I was so awful to him many times when I was drunk and I just want to show him that’s not who I am and get back to the woman he fell in love with.
Lastly being Tired…… I was always tired while drinking. I could never get enough sleep and with two little kids I know many times I passed out on them and they just sat on the bed with their iPads while I was sleep. Then when I woke up I would drink all over again and drag them to the store before 2am to get more drinks if I was scared I would run out before they finally went to sleep. Smh never again