Nervous AF

Starting IOP this morning (intensive outpatient) and i have no clue why i am so nervous especially knowing i have nothing to worry about…for me i think it’s just the unexpected


Dang, I think anyone would be nervous. The unexpected is always full of anxiety, at least for me.

I’m guessing, though, that you will find folks a lot like you who are all trying so hard to feel better. That’s kinda what I find in my groups and it is the best feeling - and is now where my sanity gets a reset.

Good luck, and let us know how it goes!


Thank you …i sure will

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Having a break, this was a great for my first group meeting other than a lot of cross talking, we actually had 3 NA speakers come in today…although my real addiction is alcohol, i can not relate to hard drugs maybe some marijuana but again i take what applies to me and my life and leave the rest

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Best of luck! I’m pulling up to check out my inpatient now. Hoping for that spot.

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There’s always cross talking lol, guess that’s just addicts and alcoholics. And nervousness is to be expected, it’s like you’re the new kid in class coming in halfway through the year so don’t sweat it.

I liked my IOP, it was quite an experience. My counselor was just a solid dude who was able to put things into words a drunk like me could grasp and hold onto.

Keep on relating, DOCs may differ but addiction basically remains the same. The mightiest and most humble are brought down to the same level when it comes to addiction


Good luck yo you as well then…inpatient scares me the most. Props to you for getting the help you need

Thank you so much. And yeah my counselor and i have a touch and go relationship. Some days i go see her and feel i get nothing but attitude and the alcoholic in me wants to say if you are so bitter maybe this is the wrong profession for you, but the sober me chalks it up to her having random bad days and the fact that I’m her first client of the day.