Nervous but proud. Today is my one month

Hey everybody!
Today is officially my 30th day sober! I am beyond happy for this and I couldn’t have done it this time without the help from this community. I am just nervous because today is my last day of outpatient rehab and last time I finished outpatient the first thing I did was drive right to the gas station afterwards and buy a six pack :frowning: (terrible I know) but I do feel like I have stronger tools now and I don’t want to let myself or everyone else down this time. Anyways those our my thoughts but above all else I’m gonna go see my best friend for the first time since his wedding and celebrate this glorious sober day :slight_smile: I appreciate you all!!!


Congrats! Stay strong and celebrate your sobriety, maybe you can share some of the tools you have learned from rehab, that would be very helpful.