Nervous today

What advise for going out first day trying not to drink


Definitely don’t go to the bar!!! Do something entirely unrelated, where alcohol is not available. Or just stay home! Make an awesome, three course meal and have a movie marathon. Anything but go where there is booze.

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My advice is to stay home if this is your first day not drinking.

Eat well, drink lots of water and sleep as much as you can.

Take a water bottle with wherever you go.

Remove all booze from the house.

Take a bath or shower, get into pajamas.

Have good non alcoholic drinks in.

If the addition voice starts nagging, shut it down INSTANTLY. Do not debate with it.

Eat and sleep.


I can just repeat what the others have told you! Definitely don’t go out. You already said it in your phrase “trying not to drink”. Either you drink or you don’t. Trying not to drink never worked for me… If I said this to myself I already lost…


Stay at home, drink plenty of water and rest… I slept ALOT in the beginning. Take it one step st s time one minute at a time if you need to, just don’t drink! :pray:t2::two_hearts:


I would have to agree with @Lisa07. I know it isn’t preferable, but you’ll thank yourself later. :smirk:

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Thanks too all I did venture out and took my wife with me but I was very inrriatable because of the amount of gifts being bought and it wasn’t even my money it was her’s. Funny I never ever get upset if it hey let’s go grab a handle of whiskey or a case of beer but anything else ugh I’m upset over something little I need to really get my priorities straight made it though working on day 2. One good thing though she doesn’t drink


Great job making it through the day! You got this. Everyday you’ll feel better and better :heart:

I know it’s unfair and frustrating to be doing your best when it seems others are not… But don’t let it bring you down. It’s not worth risking your sobriety. :slight_smile: