Netflix binge ideas please!


For people with Prime “comrade detective”. Not sure if it’s still available but hilarious.


Working my way thru season 2 of the OA. A friend said Victoria (from pbs) now on amazon prime is really good, because i loved The Crown. Apparently Hugh Grant is in A Very British Scandal on prime. Might check it out. I liked the Luther series a lot too.


Absentia on prime!


I am really enjoying The Assassination of Versace. Darren Criss is great in the role.

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How’s Mindhunter?

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Today I binged Bodyguard. I’m such a fan of British police type shows. The characters always seem more “real” rather than super models in high heels. :grin:


Bosch is a great Amazon Prime series.


@Yoda-Stevie, I fully binged it in two nights! I can’t wait for the second season – really well done.

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Arent there 5 seasons? Im confused? :thinking:


Of Mindhunter? No. There is only one season, ten episodes. Unless I am missing something…

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Lol nevermind i thought you meant his comment right above yours of Bosch lol

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Just finished the last season of Luther and thought it was great.


Started watching Hannah last night on Prime. Good stuff.


I’ve been meaning to start that one.

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You can do it! (-:


Agreed it was awesome!

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Ricky Gervais’ After Life - first season released this year, 6 episodes; absolutely loved it, the story is about a guy who looses his wife and he becomes suicidal but with the support of co workers and random strangers he graduatley learns new things about himself, about life and frienship and how good life can be even after such tragic loss.


Loved that serie!


I have had one more episode to watch all week…it’s killing me not knowing how it ended. :slight_smile:


Absolutely amazing, while not over my brothers loss, one of my best, I mean best friend and one time boyfriend commited suicide just three days after talking to him. This helped me tremendeously. I was already a huge fan but this is something else. Highly recommend it. One night binge. Not enough.

Thank you @AyBee