Netflix Hulu HBO Apple etc….. binge ideas please!

I’m four episodes in… Will report back after the last four. Loving it though. Mike Flanagan can do no wrong, let’s face it.

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On episode 3…really funny :rofl:

Just came across this on my Recovery Show Podcast. The trailer is pretty moving.

Anyone seen it?

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We watched this over the past week. I liked it, had some twists and turns


I’m just starting The West Wing. Yep, I’m late to the party. I like the cast, but never saw an episode. I read it’s more optimistic that today’s version of politics.

Also started Stranger Things last year, loved it, watched it twice! Took me 10 years to watch the Sopranos, but that was probably because I didn’t always have HBO (now called max). Even took me about a year after Friends started for me to watch it, I remember I found the over hyped commercials annoying. Love Friends, still do, but seriously, does anybody touch/caress their friends as much as they do?! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

So if anyone knows of a highly rated, but dated series on streaming, let me know, I may have missed it. :blush:

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Gave up on West Wing, couldn’t get into it. I’m like a toddler,.I have a short attention span.
I watched Cruella movie, didn’t think I’d like it, actually did. Has a decent sound track running through it too.

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Oh we loved West Wing. It’s been awhile.
Keep wanting to watch it again for some sane politics.

Right? That’s why I thought I’d like it. It was just a little slow for me to get into. I made it thru episode 9 or 10, season 1, but gave up.

I guess there wasn’t any murders, zombies or anything that kept me interested enough. Almost feel like starting the Sopranos or Better Call Saul, or Ozark again. I’m watching Stranger things for the 3rd time as a filler.


Also watching Cop Land again (movie) on Netflix, it’s a real good Stallone movie, and not his typical character type. There’s a handful of A list actors in this one.

Have you done The Lincoln Lawyer? @JazzyS recommended it. We loved it over here. I thinks it’s on Prime.

Apple TV has some good stuff. You got Apple TV?

We love Billy Bob Thornton he was in Goliath. First 2 seasons, separate stories, were great!

And The Patient? On Hulu. Steve Carrell is amazing. Pretty intense series.

We are waiting for the last season of the Handmaids Tale. I’ve never watched something so vile. Very bothersome to watch. But the acting. The music. Everything about it was great. I couldn’t stand it. But I couldn’t stop watching it. Not for the light at heart.


We loved Better Call Saul.
The Patient does not start off slow. We got hooked into the first 4 episodes our first night watching it.

I could not watch Ozark again. Loved it. But just hated everyone so much I didn’t give a shit by the end. Same with Succession.

Fall of the house of Usher was great.
Watching Fassbender currently in The Killer. Good movie!


Season 2 is here!!! I might have posted when I watched season 1 but I love this show and am very excited they made another season. It’s on HBO max


I had to stop watching The Handmaid’s tale. I made it through 3 seasons and haven’t looked back.

I felt this way as well


I loved it as well.

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Interesting. I loved Downton Abby :thinking:

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I feel like you said that when I posted about season 1 :joy::thinking:
It’s good, you should give it a go!


Does anyone watch Selling Sunsets….ive lost my sanity to it.

Duuuuuudes. Midnight Mass is bonkers. Thanks @HoofHearted!


Just finished the 4th and final season of Jack Ryan on Prime. Loved that series! You might like it too if you like spy/espionage action drama.

I heard rumors that there may be a Rainbow 6 show coming, as a spon off of Jack Ryan. I hope so because Rainbow 6 was one of my all time favorite video game series! What a time to be alive!