New and need help

I’ve been dealing with alcoholism for awhile and it’s tolled on my marriage. Tonight my wife had enough for about the 100th time. I’ve tried to stop before because I’m scared but I cannot get alcohol out of my mind. All day. All the time. I need help before I really lose it all


Am new here as well day 3 sober am a mother and my husband just recently left me because he couldn’t take it anymore the chaos I brought due to the alcohol I found this forum and it helps I been an alcoholic for years but my life now is such a mess that I need to get together or I will lose my kids as well or my life there’s so many times that I’ve woken up not even knowing how I got there or where I was I always black out because I drink til I black out. Have faith and take it day by day I know it’s hard definitely is but you can do it and there’s awesome people here that will definitely help and sharing your story helps us too. You got this!!!


Hi Spaceninja,

Sorry to here about your circumstances for quitting drinking. I was similar to you. I was going to lose my wife and kids if I didnt quit.

There are many ways people stay quit from Alcohol. You can read and interact on this forum. One of the most popular ways people quit is through the 12 step method. AA, Celebrate Recovery are the two biggest ones I know of.

I can tell you that quitting alcohol was the best thing I ever did but those first 30 days are the hardest!

You can start by doing this for your wife but ultimately for your long term sobriety to stick, you need to do it for you.


Thank you, having young kids also I see the toll it has on them and how I don’t want them to end up like me. Thank you for sharing your story.


Thank you for the support, I’ve read the first month is always the hardest and my life has always revolved around alcohol. Now it’s just a burden but I always feel to far gone and somehow give into the urges. Thank you for the support and I hope this is a start to something better


First 30 -90 days I told myself I could do anything I wanted just no drinking and nothing illegal.

As I stayed sober I just naturally learned new coping skills to deal with everyday life. I started to gain more confidence in myself and realized that I wasted most of my free time drinking or thinking about drinking.

With all the newly acquired free time I spent more time hanging out with my wife and kids doing things we all enjoyed. Also found new passions in personal finance and investing.

You can get there to, you just need to have faith that life will be better if you quit. Also you must understand that you have to say no to the only drink that matters. The first drink.


Try a meeting might help give you support you need wish you well


Read a lot on the forum and get involved, for me that was a gamechanger, it helped me to change my approach in the right time and found a great community.
Distract yourself as hard as you can, hydrate, drink a lot of water, eat sweets (it also helps with cravings), exercise, walk, go to the nature. Detect your triggers and try to avoid them. If you cannot avoid them, plan ahead. make sobriety your top priority.
Read books, listen to podcasts about sobriety. And go to bed early, mornings are always easier.
And always reach out if you need help.

Welcome. Coming here is a great first step. Being active really helps. Have you thought about a recovery program like AA or SMART?


I have quit many times. This time, my doctor prescribed me acamprosate and my cravings have literally disappeared. I’m not sure if it works for everyone but right now it is really working for me. I know a lot of people don’t want to just pump medication into their bodies, but I wanted to set my self up for success because my previous efforts have failed. Wishing you luck.