New and probably predictable but bear with me


I’m so new I am not sure how to categorise this post. I thought the title summed it up. I think it may sound predictable at this time of year but I have been battling with / failing to face up to my alcohol addiction for some years now. I have tried (not hard enough) in this time. I just learnt that you all existed. I have an anxiety disorder that both triggers and justifies (but doesn’t) my dependency. I am trying and I am going to try harder. This is the first time I have said this.


Welcome to Talking Sober! I’ve categorized your post into the ‘Your Story’ category.


It’s great to talk about things to others, so well done on starting with that. When we talk about things it gives them life… makes them more real. When things have life we can start to combat them meaningfully.
I hope you find some of what you need here.
All the best to you in your journey.


Welcome to Talking Sober! I’ve found this place to be a great support for me and I hope it is for you too.

There’s nothing wrong with predictable, any day you decide you’re done with drinking is a good one in my books! :slight_smile:

I feel ya there on the anxiety bit. I have Generalized Anxiety Disorder and previously panic disorder. My primary reason for drinking originally was to self medicate to deal with my anxiety. It seemed like it helped at the time but it actually made my anxiety worse over time. Since I quit I’ve noticed so many positive changes (including lower anxiety). It hasn’t been without hard work and hard times but it’s been worth it so many times over.

I see it as really positive that you’re engaging with us about it, and trying out a new support for your sobriety. Thanks for not letting anxiety stop you from introducing yourself and making use of this place. I hope you stay a while. :slight_smile:


Welcome. Rather than “predictable” I would consider your experience "familiar. We’ve all struggled, felt the regret, disappointment, helplessness.

But you’ve decided to be better, now be better. This is a place where you can learn how to keep getting better at getting better, each and every day.


Welcome! You’ll find so many stories and experiences here discussing struggles similar as yours. We are here to support each other and plan to deal with our dependencies.

:sparkles: Glad you are here with us.


I would love for this to be my program. Coming here and talking to others like me is just as helpful as AA meetings, in my opinion of course. I have other AA apps on my phone that I can read the steps and listen to actual speakers.

Also, welcome! Just remember, one day at a time. Being sober may help with your anxiety. I sure know it has helped mine tremendously.


Welcome! This forum has been a tremendous support to me over the last eight and a half months. Many of us also struggle with anxiety and are learning how to cope without alcohol. You are in good company. Hope you stick around. There is a lot of good information on the older threads. And don’t hesitate to ask questions!


You are in the right place. I have learned so much while in recovery and changing my life. It’s not easy being a responsible adult at first. Saying no to my drug of choice DOC has become easier as time goes by. I wish the same for you.:unicorn::unicorn:


Thank you AyBee


Ifs thank you for your warm welcome, understanding and insight. I am looking forward to finding some peace and I know this is the answer. I have read some of the post on this space and the solidarity and shared experience is something I think will give me strength to actually do this.


Welcome to the club!


Welcome! This is a great site to keep you on track with a lot of support. Have you tried any programs to help keep you sober?


Thank you Longhorn. No I haven’t tried any. Do you have any recommendations?


Alcoholics Anonymous aka AA is the best one for me. It helped me work through some steps to get closer to my higher power and surrender over to that higher power with the obsession of my drinking


I to suffer from anxiety as well as schizophrenia so I understand what it’s like to drink to hide or push away the disorders


Thanks to the warmth and support and the volume of knowledge and experience on here, I have gotten through my Day 1. I am resolved to stay sober tomorrow.


Hello and welcome good luck on your journey this forum is fantastic for support


Thank you @Stormy


Well said!