New and probably predictable but bear with me


Admitting you have a problem is a big step and you just take that one! :facepunch:
And you are in the right place to work on your problem. You have to do it but you don’t have to do it alone!
We are here to help :heart:


Thank you so much @Buts for your encouragement. It means the world to me. I’ve been drinking heavily on a daily basis for many years. I am coming to the end of day 2 and you have all helped me enormously. I am so grateful.


Step by step and tomorrow day 3! :tada:


Predictible, spredictible! Whatever is giving you the strength to make a positive change, let it! Even if it happens to be a resolution related to the new year. I spent much of last year struggling on and off with addiction. I would go back and forth between thinking I had a problem and then thinking I was being dramatic and things “happen to the best of us”. After reflection I can wholeheartedly state that I do have a problem and I do want to change (new thing for me to say too) Today is my second day sober. We’re in this together @Peace12 ! I plan to have a #clean2019 and I wouldn’t be able to say that if I didn’t start my sobriety on new years :slight_smile: trying is all any of us can really do just keep trying! Are you on any medication for your anxiety?


Dear @Pjennyx what a brilliant message to wake up to! Thank you! Our sober journeys are in alignment. Many congratulations on reaching day 2. It was a battle for me but I made it. I wish you peace and strength for the big day 3. Let me know how you get on? I am on meds for my anxiety - Citalopram. It’s a help.


I’m so so happy you made it through how goes today?? @Peace12 I’m definitely struggling. Physical symptoms are making it hard to be peaceful and strong but im determined to make it to the end of today. I’m having terrible cold sweats, my appetite is so off and I experienced a bit of insomnia last night. I’m thinking I’m going to pick up Melatonin tonight to be safe. On the plus side, I did watch a great video by Russell Brand last night where he discusses addiction in a very real, raw and relatable way! Here’s the link if anyone is interested, found it quite insightful…


Oh bless you @Pjennyx , it’s a bit of a grind isn’t it. I’ve been getting bad sweats and sleepless nights and itchy skin but I am trying to rationalise that this is a strong sign that I NEED to do this. Hasn’t stopped me thinking about it but I’m getting to the end of my first day 3 and feeling like a champ drinking liquorice tea :joy:. Thanks for the video link - I’ll definitely check that out. I hope the melatonin works for you and you get a peaceful night tonight x


Alcohol might appear to relieve anxiety at first but in the long run it usually makes the problem worse .

Well you seem to have succeeded in admiting you have a problem, this is actually awesome news because now you can finally focus on getting better.


Grind indeed! Last night was rough again! I did end up getting Melatonin which helped a bit. I was able to get a couple hours so I’m feeling a bit more human today lol cold sweats seem to have dissipated thank god and appetite is 100% better. I’ve been taking Omega 3 too as well which I think is helping. Mmm licorice tea for the soul lol I’m just about to dive into a bowl of mushroom fettuccine Alfredo myself. How did last night and today go for you? Hoping you’re thriving and surviving xx


Hey :wave:t2: @Pjennyx I was thinking of you yesterday and wondering how you were getting along. So glad to hear that you are feeling more human and got some rest! My sweats have gone and my skin is less itchy, which is an encouraging message from my poor body :blush:. I continue to fight a million battles in my head nearly every hour of the afternoon and early evening (after that I seem to be Ok), but I’ve just woken up to Day 5 and I have never gotten this far before so I am happy and grateful and ready to fight the fight again today. I hope you get more sleep and that your fettuccine was pleasing and that you have a good solid peaceful day xx


Day 5 woohoo! Good for us :slight_smile: I actually had the stomach flu today which ended up being a good thing cause it kept me bed ridden and less focused on addiction related thoughts. Never thought I’d think of having the flu as a good thing lol how were you feeling today? I know what you mean about the battles in your head! I’ve found yoga and meditation so helpful with clearing my mind and helping me refocus. Once I’m feeling better I’m gonna implement a steady dose of both daily! Not sure if that’s your thing at all but I’d def recommend. Thinking of you today and hoping it was kind to you xx


Happy Day 6 @Pjennyx :blush:!! :partying_face:
Sorry that you have stomach flu though it does sound useful :joy:! Yesterday felt easier for me - I didn’t have so many cravings but last night wasn’t so great in terms of sleeplessness. Still, here we are on day 6! A first for me in around two decades! I love the idea of meditation - I should give that a try. May be it will still my mind a bit. Away for work this week so I will need to be super strong not to fill the alone and quiet times by drinking. I’ve got some strategies in place and I remain fully committed. Hope today is good to you my friend xx


Almost at the one week mark. Look at us go! :slight_smile: It def hasn’t been easy but every morning I wake up and tell myself it’s 100% worth it! Luckily stomach flu seems to have just been a 24hr thing. Feeling good today! Slept like a baby last night. My appetite is ravenous. Most likely from the flu but I’ll take it if it helps get me on track. Sorry you’re not having the greatest sleeps! Have you tried a Deep Sleep Meditation or Hypnosis on YouTube? I’ve heard it can be extremely helpful! Love your dedication and how you’re anticipating being away may be a trigger and planning some strategic and healthy alternatives in preparation! You’re so strong! You got this!! Just take it a day at a time. Talk soon xx


One week! A whole g.d week! :dancer:t2:. I am so happy to hear that you are feeling better and that you got some good sleep - that’s great news @Pjennyx - I felt tempted on checking in to my hotel at 4pm - mostly because it was just was so quiet and felt soulless. So I just put my pjs on, laid out my herbal tea sachets and my sushi, switched the TV on and did a bit of work. I was in my bed for 8pm :joy: - but I didn’t drink :clap:t2:. Wishing you a happy day my friend xx


Amazing for you that you didn’t drink!!! And I bet you felt great this morning and ready to tackle the day! How long are you away for? I went to a dance class tonight which ended up being cancelled so I grabbed dinner with a friend from the class and I caved and had a drink. He did want to continue drinking and I made the decision to stop at one. I just finished a bit of yoga and am about to curl up with a tea and book in bed. He is still out and about! I am mad at myself that I had one but also proud that I didn’t let it escalate. The concept of a toolkit to arm myself with is resonating more and more. This truly is an every day battle! Hope you were stronger than me today. Thinking of you xx


welcome new friend! I too battle with anxiety which makes it hard to function especially in early recovery. I just got 6 months but a little insight to how i deal with recovery: take one day at a time, build a sober network and even think of attending a meeting in your area! And communication is key too.
I wish you well in your new found sobriety!!!


Well done for only having one!! That’s pretty darn good if you ask me. I would no way have been able to stop at one. I am here until Friday and avoiding social situations like the plague, disappearing to my room with water, sushi, work and a good book. It really is an every day battle but people on here do say that it gets easier. Stay strong @Pjennyx and don’t be beating yourself up. You did grand xx


Hiii! First step is admitting we have a problem… well done you!


Oh My! Today has been one helluva of a battle. I think it’s because I am away from home and spending a lot of time alone. I’m coming to the end of day 8 and managed with sheer grit and determination to keep it together. I look forward to the easier days becoming more frequent.


So so proud of you for not giving in!!! Each time you say no, it builds strength. It’s great that you’re trying to reflect and analyze what exactly is driving your desire for a drink. You’re at a hotel right? Is there a gym or a pool/sauna you could maybe utilize as a distraction? Maybe next time you go away for work bring a piece of home with you so you don’t feel as homesick? Thanks so much for the pick me up last night! I feel like it just reiterated the fact that I really and truly am ready to make this transition. I didn’t really feel like I was missing anything by not overindulging and almost felt empowered by saying no. The road to sobriety is definitely not a straight one but it’s one that I am so happy I am on. Hoping day 9 was kinder to you @Peace12 congrats on surviving day 8 :sparkling_heart: