New and probably predictable but bear with me


Good morning @Pjennyx and Happy Double Digits to us!!! Thank you for all your suggestions, it’s very kind of you to take the time out to think of me. I’m happy to report that yesterday was easier and went I felt the urge I just went out and walked. I’m averaging 5 miles a day :joy:. Home tonight! :sweat_smile:. I hope you have a good day today chica xx


Welcome. You arent alone. Going on day 8 here. Read my post from earlier you may find it helpful I drink for the same reason. And I know how bad it can be. My panic attacks got so severe i wouldnt leave the house for months. Its terrifying in a very real way. You may also want to consider seeing a doctor. They will try to throw all these pills at you which some help some you whacked I’ve done them all. It helps to know you arent alone. Try asmr with headphones.

And try lots of research alcohol relieves it but makes it way worse


Thank you @Sean2 I’ll look up those links. Thank you for reaching out. Anxiety is crippling when it strikes and it helps to hear from others in the same position. I am on medication and have been for years. I wonder if the alcohol made it less effective?


Look at you go!! I’m seeing a marathon in your future with all this hitting the pavement :kissing_closed_eyes: so proud! I also have refrained from anything since my one bevy on Monday! Thank-you for still including me in the double digits :hugs: How has Day 11 been treating ya? I’m feeling good. Motivated. Keeping busy with work and hobbies but overall feeling good. Hope you do as well xx


Hey @Pjennyx, so so good to hear you sounding and feeling so strong and motivated as we pirouette into day 12 :muscle:t2::dancer:t2:. I can with full confidence assure you that there is no marathon in my future :joy:. I run like a toddler finding their legs!! I seem to have gotten into a pattern of having to battle demons every afternoon. Perhaps it is part of the process but I am hoping it passes soon xx


Hola chicka! Ok the image of us pirouetting into the day like that emoji is cracking me right up lol almost as much as the toddler finding its legs comparison :joy::joy: thanks as always for the kind words. Sorry you’re encountering some daily demons but I know you’re dressed for battle and are ready for the fight! Was the afternoon typically when you would drink? @Peace12 Old habits can be really engrained in us, sometimes even sunconsciously! I hope it passes soon too & I’m aways here if you want/need to talk/vent xx


Thank you @Pjennyx. I do love checking in with my sobriety buddy :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. So, this is us moonwalking into a full two weeks now and that to me is nothing short of miraculous (for me at least). Yeah if I was working from home I would start in the afternoon and keep going and if I was in work, I would start on the train on the way home. Hideous to write but I think this probably explains the afternoon challenge. I’ve started setting myself tasks in the afternoon to occupy my brain! How have things been for you? Xx


Happy 15 days @Pjennyx :dancer:t2::dancer:t2:


Yay :hugs::hugs::hugs: so proud of us!! I am happy to report I made my dance class tonight and when I went out for dinner with the same friend from before, I refrained from drinking at all this time. He had 2 shots and a beer and I sipped on that H20 lol there was a bit of pressure to drink but when he saw I was firm in my decision- he backed off and respected it! The sober life is for me and I’m not ashamed to admit it :slightly_smiling_face: @Peace12 I also enjoy checking in with you and am so proud of your strength and resilience. Over 2 weeks is 100% something to brag about it! You go girl. Wishing you a fabulous Day 15 :kissing_closed_eyes:


You are rocking it girl :muscle:t2: well done. That can’t have been easy! I feel the same. I really couldn’t go back there but I am hyper vigilant about getting complacent - not that I feel complacent!!. Can’t believe we’ve done so well though! Hope you have a happy day my dear sister from another mister :wink: xx


Aw I’m so glad to hear you’re still keeping at it! I’m right there with ya girl fighting the good fight haha if you just take it a day at a time I don’t think you can get too complacent :kissing_smiling_eyes: happy day 16 to us- we’re well on our way to a month and I’m looking forward to celebrating it witchuu. Take care babe xx


Happy three weeks to us @Pjennyx :partying_face:. How have you been? I’ve been working a lot but much more effectively with a clear head :ok_hand:t2: but waking up with a light feeling in my heart rather than the burden of shame and guilt I became accustomed to is perhaps the greatest gift of sobriety for me. How about you amiga? Xx


Hello hello ladyloo! You’ve been in my thoughts :sparkling_heart: so nice to hear from you and even nicer to know you are still on track. I feel like a proud mother or something haha you literally took the words out of my mouth. Each day I tackle I feel more and more grateful and my heart feels like it is growing and becoming more and more open and you have definitely played a part in that. 3 weeks ahh I can’t believe it! I’ve been keeping busy and active too! I’m actually at a Bollywood dance class as we speak. Wish me luck!! Lol congrats on another day girlfriend @Peace12 We got this :kissing_closed_eyes: xx


Bollywood? Wow! You sure are busting some moves my girl! :dancer:t2:. [insert moonwalk]. My days are feeling a wee bit groundhog like but I think that’s down to work and my slavish adherence to my routines to prevent me veering off course. I am grateful and happy to be sober but I’m permanently conscious of it. I wonder if that is normal. Looking forward to being sober passing unnoticed and effortlessly. Xx


Happy Day 23 girlie :hugs::hugs: I think that’s totally normal for you to be so dedicated to your routine because it’s what has been working for you! I think there’s a difference between being mindful and in touch with your wants and needs and being obsessive to the point you’re stressing. I dunno if it will ever be effortless because there is always going to be temptation. You’re making the choice to be sober each and every single day and some days it will be harder than others. But if you look at it as a choice then that puts the power and control in your hands and takes it away from the addiction, which I find pretty empowering! Haha love the moonwalk reference :dancer::dancer: I was surprisingly a lot better than I thought. Maybe I was a Bollywood dancer in another life lol hope you had another good day my friend xx


Happy Saturday sister as we sashay stylishly (here anyway) into the morning of our 25th day! You are clearly a gifted dancer (wish I was!). In my private world I am :rofl:. You’re absolutely right about reframing the narrative and I have been doing that - sometime repeatedly until it lodges in my head. We should pick a tune and time for our day 30 so we can dance together :dancing_women:‍♀ at the same time in celebration (and my case, careless abandon :see_no_evil:) xx


Happy Saturday indeed :hugs::hugs: your msgs literally always bring a smile to my face. You are the absolutely best!! I just picture us sashaying into the day like Rupaul (I hope you get the reference if not I can explain) just fierce af and ready to take on whatever life throws at us :joy::heart: totally right about changing the narrative in your head great way to put it! Lodge it in there girl until it’s nice and stuck :kissing_closed_eyes: omg I love that idea I’m totally down and couldn’t think of a better way/ person to celebrate with! Let’s do it!!! Any song in mind??


My pick is Footloose by Kenny Loggins :dancer::dancer::dancer:


Hell yeah. I’ve been working on my routine @Pjennyx :dancing_women:‍♀:dancer:t2::joy:


Dkm I’m dead hahaha so good! Alright I’ll get practicing only a few days to go :hugs::hugs: