New and probably predictable but bear with me


This is also a great lil diddy and dance :notes::dancer::two_women_holding_hands::upside_down_face:


Yo that was me in the car park at work today getting my moves ON! :joy:


Great movie!


Yassss you go girl love it!!! Ps happy day 27 :grinning::tada:


I actually just watched it the other day! Still so good and still one of my favs!!! The original obvi :ok_hand::ok_hand: (the remake was horrid haha)


Didn’t realise that it a been done again. Won’t be the same


Def not the same! They tried to “Hollywood” it too much and it lost all its grit which was what complemented all the cheese so well :cheese::ok_hand::joy:



Hi Jennifer (@Pjennyx ) Just checking that you’re ok. You can always message me if you need to xx


Thanks bb :heart: I really appreciate that! I was doing some soul searching the other night as to why I binge drank and I’ve realized I was definitely an emotional drinker, specifically I would drink to avoid negative emotions, namely anger, stress and grief. Not that I was necessarily an angry or emotional drunk- I was good at hiding my emotions- but I noticed a pattern of that being when my blackout game was strongest. Being mindful of this I feel much more in control and know that now when I feel those rush of emotions I’m not necessarily inclined to reach for the bottle, although I’m sure the cravings will never fully dissipate. I can now remind myself that I find the same type of relief if you will from writing and working out! I think a big step to recovery is taking a real hard look at yourself, as scary as that can be, and coming to an understanding of the habits you’ve developed. I thought it was kinda a cool light bulb moment so just thought I’d share :slight_smile: it’s amazing what some sobreity and clarity can do! How are you doing girlie?? I’m also always here too :kissing_closed_eyes: xx


You are awesome @Pjennyx, though I had to look up bb :crazy_face:. Happy 40 days my sober sister :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: F74914A1-251E-4A06-B25D-E1DF724BC7C9


Bravo!!! I think we’re all in the right place!!! :honeybee::honeybee::honeybee:




Haha bb may be a Torontonian thang lol feeling’s mutual girl proud of ya :kissing_closed_eyes: how are you feeling day by day??


I am getting there. The cravings have diminished, my headache is in abeyance though I developed an inability to get to sleep. Mentally and emotionally however I feel strong. So happy to hear you thriving and flourishing. I spent some of the money I saved on new clothes (which I badly need - never had much money to spare as I drank it!) which I am saving for day 50 :joy:.

Thank you for asking after me xx


Aw of course I often wonder how you’re doing with things! We’re in this together remember? Have you tried melatonin?? That really helped me with the sleep thing. I also try to go to bed around the same time and wake up around the same time so my body develops a steady sleep cycle. I do a bit of yoga or meditation before bed too which helps quiet my mind. I actually just read a meme that cracked me up about sleep I’ll post it below. I did the same thing, some online shopping and it was like Christmas when the packages arrived :joy::joy: it’s the little things in life! What’s happening on Day 50??



Just because it’s Day 50 :partying_face::tada::hugs:
I haven’t tried melatonin but I think I’ll look into it :sleeping:, I do have a routine but my body isn’t buying it at the moment!



Hola @Pjennyx - Happy 50 days :dancer:t2::dizzy:. I made us our own wee milestone :lock::heavy_check_mark:. How the devil have you been? I’ve just been keeping on, keeping on. I find weekends the trickiest but I know it’s just psychological and sometimes just the result of feeling tired. My headaches have stopped plus I am sleeping. Win:Win :grin: What have you been up to and how have you been? Xx