New around here

Hi guys. Well, I’m trying this again… after a long journey with ups and downs I’m so ready to change. Almost 3 years ago I realized I had a problem. My girlfriend of almost 6 years was putting up with my stupid ways of blackout drinking and going crazy etc. She would only tell me I needed help when I couldn’t remember. I finally stopped! Almost 6 months clean and having the best week if our lives she left me. For drinking… I never relapsed until after she left. keep this in mind she left for all the previous stuff and never gave me a chance. she planned to leave me but couldn’t. this messed me up I thought I did it. Her parents got her to get a restraining order and she even wrote in it that I sobered up for months. Judge threw it out. No issues. That time was probably my darkest. I went right back into drinking. Have only been 14 days sober since. I’ll go a few days here. And then back and then a week then back. I’m hoping I can do it this time.


What are you going to do differently this time? There are so many tools and resources and supportive people out there. I encourage you to seek out what you need and get ‘er done!

If it were as simple as not picking up, none of us would have a problem. Find a program that fits you and work it. You made it 6 months on your own, imagine what you could achieve with help and guidance.

I tried AA but I don’t feel that’s for me. I love hearing the testimonies and relating. But then I felt like (of course) all they talked about was alcohol. Which I totally understand and know it has helped one if my best friends. So I’ve gone the more spiritual route. Finding peace of mind through meditation and mindfulness. I went to even went to therapy also started this app and another that I don’t have anymore. I now have a gf of almost 3 years and 2 little boys that motivate me. I have already changed in so many ways. My mentality is completely different. I’m ready. Going on day 2 with no issues yet but as always I know eventually I’ll start wanting the numbness again. I pray that doesn’t happen.