New day new start

I relapsed last night didnt show up for work when I told my boss I would… I need to do this for me I want the will to change I know my family gets upset at me when I drink and I don’t like that feeling. It makes me sad. Anyway today I wont beat myself down and I will do whatever I have to. To get back on track and do what’s right. And stop disappointing my boss and co workers. Thank you everyone for your support on here and thank you lord for waking me up everyday a d for my family and children


A winning attitude goes a long ways!

Keep that attitude! :muscle:


I know what you mean about disappointing boss and co-workers. I just got my job back, the sixth time I’ve worked for the same people. :confused:
I really hate myself sometimes, I try to remember I can’t change the past. Hang in there! :v:


Have you tried AA? You’d be surprised at what a difference it makes to have support.


I use to go to AA every week but since this pandemic has been going around I haven’t been to one… I have found allot of support on here tho.


That’s good, I think it would help if you had more layers than just that. Maybe check out zoom meetings. You can just listen without camera or microphone.
Or see what the other aa people are doing to stay sober.

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welcome back

im truely and hounestly proud of you!

weed and alcohol is tough… im in the same boat.

you got this

what helps me the most is the step book. i read step one constantly.

c’mon!! you got this!!

AA has been opening back up in SLC Utah. We went to my first AA meeting in months last Friday. It was amazing! Inside we practice strict social distancing. Masks, no hugs, handholding. It was kinda weird but being able to look another recovering alcoholic in the eyes was awesome.

It was weird because Covid is weird. Im not a fan of the new normal.

We had an outside meeting that was less formal for covid. We still practiced social distancing, but held hands if we wanted to during closing. I took a chance and accepted a real hug when I got my sobriety coin, and real hugs after the meeting.

It was awesome!

I ended up spending most of saturday at a recovery event. I did some service work met hundreds of other alcoholics in recovery. I saw, felt and participated in the miracles that happen inside those rooms. It was refreshing.

Sunday, I hung out with my new sponsor. We got to know eachother better and did some step work.

I havent been allowing myself to reconnect with AA. As usual, I’m my biggest obstacle in recovery.

I got past that and jumped in with both feet. A drink feels pretty far away today.


I agree with you there. I will do more research on the zoom classes

How do I go about finding these AA Zoom meetings? I would really like to join one and at least listen.

As long as you are chasing sobriety with everyday that passes you can’t fail.

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Hi. I’m not really sure trying to find that out aswell

That’s so true man thank you.

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I am still looking. Let me know if you find something before I do. :blush:

I’m so sorry, I just saw this…:woman_facepalming:
I think if you google it in your area…or Jenna put up some good resources there.

I will check around and see what I find. Thank you!

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