New family member (Dog)

We rescued a 2 year old brindle lab mix yesterday. We lost our Doberman a couple weeks ago. It was devastating for our family. It’s one of the reasons I lost my way and relapsed. We have another dog and e was sad also. He stoped eating ect… I know from experience with previous dogs that this happens and you have to be careful. You could end up lost them too. The ASPCA is still open in our area. You can visit only by appointment. We found our new dog Ranger!! He’s so sweet and loving. My other dog is so happy now! It was meant to be​:heart:. I haven’t had and urges to drink​:pray: And now I have more to add my sober routine. If any of you are struggling with loneliness. Maybe see if your ASPCA is open and take look. Theses dogs/ cats need us as much as we need them. Love to you all​:blue_heart::heart::pray:


Ranger and my daughter!:heart:


Your daughter is absolutely adorable and I love a brindle. Looks like a match made in heaven!!

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Always a great day when we welcome a new furry family member. Happy for you.


So precious, both of them! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Very cute. Congrats on your new family member.

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Both are beautiful!