New here and thought I'd give it a go

I’ve been drinking heavy for the last 25 years but I’ve just got out of hospital after drinking too much and taking too much medication. I was found on the floor unresponsive by my mother which has made it all even worse. I’m hoping to stop and abstain for good now as I just drink to oblivion.

Welcome to sober time, this is a great step to take towards recovery. I’m sorry you had such a traumatic experience recently. Are you seeking any kind of help like a group or sponsor?
This platform can be a great help to staying on track! I downloaded it over a month ago thinking “whatever I’ll just try it out, probably useless” and low and behold I’m a month sober now and reading every day!
Good for you for choosing to take action against your addiction, something to be proud of :slight_smile:
Reach out anytime and take care!!

I’ve been offered help but I turned it down as tried it before and it didn’t help as just went for a drink straight after the sessions. It’s been a big wake up so hoping I can do it on my own.

I’m really not good at group classes and just ended up lying to get off the one on one course. I have offered counselling which I’m considering accepting though.

Welcome and go get them good days

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100% agree with @Becsta I tried to get sober and failed time and time again because I thought I could think myself better and do it on my own.
It wasn’t until I had gotten to the point where I was “Prepared to do whatever it took” I am an introvert but I had to do uncomfortable things to get sober, unfortunately it’s doesn’t get handed to us on a platter.
Keep visiting here there is some amazing people and suggestions :cherry_blossom: