New here & have a lil over a month clean

Recovering heroin addict from Chicagoland here. New to this app and just looking to talk to others out there. I could use all the support I could get. I have plenty of respect for others struggling or not. For the ones recovering and those that are still in the trenches. I have a lot of knowledge going into recovery and am a solid dude without a doubt. If anyone out there ever wants or needs to talk do not hesitate. Be blessed everybody.


Welcome! I found this place around sixty days. Im so glad I did. Its been extremely helpful to my recovery! I visit daily.

30 days! :muscle: awesome! congrats!

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Hi Bobby, welcome!
Congratulations with the :three::zero: days!:partying_face:
Like Jason already said: it helps to be here much.
I’m here since my day one and the first year of my recovery I was here every day. I’m 2,5 year sober now. Still here a lot, especially around my milstones. Milestones are tricky days for me.
See you around :raising_hand_woman: