New here, saying hello

Hello to everyone,
First post. New to the community, came in to say hi. Been sober AF for 73 days now. It’s not a lot, but it’s a start.
Glad to be here.


Welcome to the forum! Well done on your 73 days! I’m a newbie myself and have found reading through everyone’s journeys helpful and I hope you do too.

Welcome! I’m also new. One week sober here. This is a great community for support, motivation, and keeping focused.

Hi and welcome. Day 23 here. Love that saying sober AF lol. Congrats on your 73days your rockin it!

Hello and welcome! I’m also not long on this app, but I :two_hearts: it. Congratulations with your 73 days sober! Today is my 15th day without alcohol.

Welcome. Day 2 for me and loving the support of this community

Hi and Welcome, 73 days is a huge achievement keep focused and before you know it, it’ll be 173 days. Well done!

Thanks I’m very much looking forward to adding a third digit to the days.

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