New life being

I been reading this forum since one month ago.took almost months to enter this chat room.well i don’t know where to starts my story life.I need time for tht .I am still new here.But I been sober since 32days


Welcome and congratulation on your 32 days. Members of the groups are very welcoming and supportive. I look forward to learn a bit more about you.

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Welcome and glad to have you here. Congrats on 32 days!

Being sober past 32days make me realising who am I actually. There are plenty questions running in my head .I can’t find those anwser but for sure sincerity to be free from alcohol.


congrats on a month + :partying_face: that’s a huge accomplishment!

Congratulations on your 32 days that’s a fantastic achievement and thankyou for introducing yourself :+1:

Congratulations 32 days is amazing xxx

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Thats awesome, great job! Isn’t a nice feeling to start to remember who you really are without those chains on? Glad to see you posting! :slight_smile:

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Congratulations on a month. :star_struck:

32 days is great, keep going. You can do it and the good people here can help…:+1:t2:

Congrats! Keep it going :grin:

Well I’m’s been past 20years running in my life I been tried to stop many times but isn’t work out until something bad happen to me.the guilty and shamed deep inside me.But today I’m willing to take a the New step don’t touch anymore this product anymore rest of my life.the bags experience I had still strong.I need new assurances annoying this damn habits.


Thks Gthis for encouraging me

Yes there are alws good ppl who’s making me feel comfortable down here

Words just make me realize how am I lucky to live in this world.Thks you so.much

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Welcome! Congrats on the 32 days. This is a great step.

Well done on your 32 days sobriety.

Another weekend’s without drinking…


Another awesome day without drinking…


Day40’s free from alcohol. !!!