New Member Saying Hi. Scared Of Relapsing



I just joined. Sober from alcohol for one day now. Started drinking about 17 years ago. Have tried to stop many times and never was successful. Thought I was good to go as of New Year’s but after about a week drank again. I put this app at the front of my phone so I see it first every day. I want so bad for my sobriety to now finally be permanent. I’m terrified that I’ll fail again. But I also know I can do it.


Lee Solomon


Welcome. This is a great first step. This place helped me in the beginning. Have you thought about a program like SMART or AA?


Everyone here is here for a reason, to stay sober, to get sober, or to overcome thoughts.

We’re here. Theres alot of people and alot of stories on here. read up, its worth it.

Glad youre trying, thats a step. Admitting you have a problem is huge.



Thank you so much. I tried AA once before and didn’t stick with it. I wouldn’t mind trying again. I’ll look for a meeting in my area.



Thank You So Much.


Try try again…right?..SMART is loved by people too. I have 1 meeting 45 minutes from me, so I dont know a lot about it. Its always a possibility too


I’ve never heard of that what is it?


I just looked at their site, looks great. And they have a meeting near me this afternoon. I’m going to go! Thank You Again!!


Hang in there. I am on day 11 and honestly I can’t believe it myself. This is the longest I have gone without alcohol in many years. I have been pumping my body full of high quality vitamins and minerals and keeping myself busy. I don’t have any kind of meetings within 30 minutes of me but this group helps, there are Facebook groups that help and I have been listening to podcasts like “that sober guy” and “recovery elevator” every morning on my way to work and on my way home.


Excellent. Great job and thank you.


Welcome! The biggest thing I realized when I got sober is I had to do whatever it takes to stay that way and do things differently than I had in the past. I love that you are hitting a meeting today now, nicely done!


There is good info on here about it too


Welcome Lee glad your here. I did what @MandiH did. ANYTHING I needed to not to drink. Stayed away from alcohol including stores, parties, friends houses, weddings, restuarants everything in the beginning. I stayed busy too, reading and listening about alcohol. Also joined AA. it saved my life my marriage my family my job. Stick around. check in everyday. Lots of great people here.


What everyone else is saying @LeeSolomon. Definitely distance yourself from anything drinking related. It’s what I have done.
You have made the decision, and just have to keep telling yourself that’s what you want!
@RedDragon can tell you about SMART.
Good luck, stay in here, there are lots of good people going through exactly the same as you.


Welcome !! I find this app to be a very useful tool between meetings . I don’t do much socializing with my AA home group . Members here , I find very helpful and supportive. You are never alone !!


Hi Lee! Welcome on this app :slight_smile: There are people, like me, that find support in AA and others that don’t. Every way we take to fight alcohol is a good way. Being scared of a relapse is really a good thing that can help us in not having a relapse. I was told to change my habits and take up my time with whatever you can think of, for example, cutting the grass, writing, listening to music, dancing, singing or volunteering.
When withdrawal was over I felt some peace in walking while listening to music and writing stories. Now I find the same peace in praying God. Is to say that whatever thing doesn’t involve selfdestruction is welcome :slight_smile:


With you all the way I’m on day sober from alcohol and no cigarettes feeling good but also feeling the odd pull to drink tonight


Hi Lee, Welcome. Trying again is a great victory. You can’t fail if you keep trying. Focus on today, and your days will keep adding up.


It might be less scary if you think about it this way: You only have to say “no” to one drink…the drink that matters…the first drink. If you do this each and every time you have a craving, or someone offers you one, you win. You win because when you say “no” to the first drink, there can’t be a second or third or eighth.

One drink. You can say “no” to one drink.

Keep getting better at getting better each and every day.


Absolutely. I’d add for me getting through my day and getting home without giving in to stopping at a bar. Once I’m home I’m good. Thanks.