New start!

Hello everyone, I am new to this. All you stories are very inspirational. I would like to share my situation. I don’t drink everyday but when I start I will be on a 3 day bender, shouting, breaking everything in the house, the emotions range from anger to regret to sadness, it takes me 3 weeks to be able to talk to my partner again. The anxiety afterwards is the worse, so here I am, I am tired of this and hurting everybody around me, time to change and I am excited. Good luck to everybody, stay strong.


You are on the right track, taking the first step is the hardest, and you have done that by coming here.
It means the world, to be surrounded, by the loving people in here, who’s having your back.
Hugs from Denmark

Thank you very much. Hugs from South Africa

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Welcome to Team Sober :slight_smile: -)

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Today started a very long road but at the end it will bw worth it

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I was a everyday drinker, but not of the violent type. I would just drink on average 20 beers a day to not be sick, most people couldn’t even tell i was drinking. I was certainly killing myself with that shit. Be grateful you’re not at the point i reached but know that it will get worse.

You’re in a very good place with a lot of knowledgeable, caring people. Welcome.

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You are awesome, good job.

People wouldn’t have guessed that I was a drunk neither, we really became good at disguising it… didn’t we.?

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Sure did, but wow it was a tough job. Life is so much easier these days! You’re pretty awesome yourself🙂